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My toddler hates his high chair - help!

Heloo! I was wondering if anyone out there can help with my toddler who has started HATING sitting in his high chair?!!

He's 19 months old and previously was absolutely fine sitting in his chair at our dining room table (he's always been a good eater so no problems there), but in the last month he has become really independent about everything and is refusing to sit in the chair for mealtimes, snack times and he won't even do it for messy play or colouring books?? He's just started getting the concept of 'baby toys' and 'baby pram' so he shouts 'NO BABY CHAIR!' and goes berserk every time I try to put him in it! It's driving me insane as I'm having to give him dinner sitting on the floor on a rug which is appalling. Weirdly it doesn't happen so much when we go out in public and I am putting him in a high chair in a coffee shop or restaurant?!

I have tried loads of things, moved the chair to a different spot, giving him his favourite foods, bribery (even offering going to to park if he sits in the chair for dinner), moving the chair away from the table and using the tray... if anyone has any suggestions that would be so great.

I have also since borrowed a booster seat from a friend (after having a few people recommend one) but he's not keen on that either - it's like he's just started getting into the habit of hating the table???

I'm thinking of getting a low chair option with it's own table (someone has recommended the Knuma connect which is available at mamas & papas - does anyone have any experience with it? I think it's quite new)



  • What chair is it? 

    We have a hauck and I think because it's a 'normal chair' (it's a bit like the tripp trapp) DD has always been fine with it x

  • Have you considered maybe getting a small table and chair for him? We recently got one from ikea for my 20 month old daughter and she loves it.

    At the the moment she only uses it for colouring and creative play but maybe your son will enjoy feeling more 'grown up' in a proper table and chairs. 

    The one we got dd is super sturdy, easy to put together, perfect height and fantastic value for money (£20 for table and two chairs).

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