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baby dont sleep

Hi my little boy was emotinal abused as a baby and due to that he does not sleep all night he is 19months iv tryed every thing but waa going to try oveltine would any say its good or bad 


  • Try a comforter like a blanket or toy keep it close to you in the day so it smells of you that may make him feel safe. I'm sorry your boy has been through this x

  • Hi iv tryed all of that and nothing helps even changed his routine x 

  • Hi, loads of questions to try and help.

    What's his night time routine like now? Do you do bath time, then stories or picture books with milk, and then bed?

    Also, is he sleeping with a duvet or a sleeping bag? Is his room hot or cold?

    What's his sleep like? Will he settle himself to sleep for a few hours at all? Does he have a dummy? Also, how does he nap during the day and for how long - what time is his nap and if so what time until. 

    Have you tried controlled crying, or any sleep methods like gradual retreat?

    The more info, the better! And i'm sorry too what your son has been through.

  • He has a bath at 6:30,bottle and banana at 7:30 then 2books in his cot then bed he dont self soothe he has 30mins in the day we have been in a mother and baby unit they helped me get him in his own room he sleeps with a blanket no pillow x 

  • That's a good night time routine - i can't suggest a sleep training programme cause  of what your little one has been through (like gradual retreat) emotionally, but have you thought about hiring a sleep therapist?

    I would say he should probably be sleeping for longer during the day though - at least 1 hour from 12.30/1pm onwards.

  • Iv been told not to let him sleep for more than 30 mins xbut ur advice has been great x 

  • pleasure hon - not sure i agree with less than 30mins a day tho - who is advising you right now?  I have no experience with an absued toddler - only telling you from my own experience as i have a 20month old and she's been a nightmare on the sleep front until recently, so i hear ya!

    At 7months old we hired a sleep trainer who went through our daily routine with the baby and basically told us to try different things. She started sleeping for a while, but as soon as she'd get ill, routine would disappear.

    Right now we are getting some sleep though! We do leave her cry (for minutes, not hours!), but i understand this really might not be a good option for you.

    Anyhow, if you wanna chat more, get me here!

  • I took him to a sleep solutions which was organised by my family support worker, I was also in a mother and baby unit in coventry and they told me some stuff as well. But for the 1st night he went down at 7 and didnt wake till 5 then went bk down afain till 8 so that was a massive step from waking about 5 times xx thank u for ur support x 

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