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Should I be worried, Is my 20 month old behind?

Hi I have a 20 month old son, almost 21 months.  He has always been ahead on his physical developments as far as crawling, walking, running, climbing up and down steps and climbing all over the furniture.  He is very affectionate always coming to me for hugs.  Loves to play hide and seek and peek a boo and patty cake.

Things he does: he points to pictures and things he sees and correctly identifys 7 flash cards and names one, he knows about 2 animal sounds, he will point to my nose and mouth(not his), he says about 15 words with 4 -  2 word phrases - "im done", "its done", "lets go" and "i go"., can stack 1-2 blocks, likes for me to read to him, climbs up and down steps, throws basketball in hoop, listens to simple commands such as sit down or come here or hold my hand.

Things he doesn't do:  will not point to show me he wants something like a drink or food - has no way of communicating hungry or thirsty except to whine when he sees his cup or if I ask if hes thirsty, does not bring me things or listen when I say pick something up, does not always respond to his name, does not use his words consistently or with proper word recognition, does not listen when I say no.

I worry that his lack of communicating his needs to me is a sign hes behind.  I see other children his age that point to their cup if they are thirsty or point to snack if hungry he doesn't.  I am also worried about his speech while he can say some words he doesn't say them all the time or with proper recognition.  Does he sound typical or should I be worried, any advice on how to get him to start asking me when hes thirsty or hungry


  • Sounds just like my boy was! His going to be 3 in august and it's only the last few months his speech has developed more, he was walking before he was one and had always been one step infront of others, I wouldn't worry, they all pick things up at different speeds and time, my son not only speaks now but also signs what he wants.....iv no idea where his picked that up from but it helps.

    We used flash cards when he turned 2 to bring him out of his shell and they helped loads to start with, when he couldn't ask for his beaker he would find the card with the beaker on it xxx

  • Hi. I know this is an old post but I wondered if you could tell me how your son has came along? My son was the same with physical development but not mental. Im worried all the time about it and I've got a 3 month old too so feel torn. Thanks in advance.

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