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Is my son delayed? Should I be worried?

My son is 2 in November and I'm starting to worry about speech. His friend is exactly the same age and is far more advanced and has a much stronger grasp on language. Here's what he can say knowing exactly what it means; juice, milk, car, mum, dad, bubbles, apple, gaga (banana), book, no, peppa & George (peppa pig). When he wants something he will come over with whatever it is, I.e. juice bottle, jigsaw and that's his way of asking for my help. Sometimes I speak to him and I can see it goes straight over his head, whereas my friend will say "do you need a wee?" Or "are you hungry?" And she will reply. Its obviously more in depth than this but I don't know how else to explain my concerns. Can I get some advice? Very concerned 😟


  • Ask him what he wants, you know what he wants so he doesn't need to use words. Ask him when he arrives with the jig saw "do you want us to make the jig saw? yes?"  He will understand short repetitive sentences. Where is the bird? He will look out the window. A lot will go over his head he isn't 2 yet. If he has some words then I wouldn't worry about it. I would do some picture books and name the picture, point to plane and say plane etc. Sometimes they take a shine to a particular word and will repeat it. Two is not particularly late for having so many words. You can sound out the words more. Ca-k-e for him. Has he a soother / dummy filling the mouth? When he says a word tell him "good / clever boy, yes it is a xxxx" so you are praising him for talking.

  • I would get a referral to a speech and language therapist for assessment. In the meantime this is a good website for information: 

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