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Teachers for toddlers: good idea or not?


Do you think every nursery should have a qualified early-years teacher to help toddlers develop their speaking skills?

That's what the charity Save The Children is suggesting today, saying that pre-schoolers can be "set back decades" if their brains are not adequately stimulated before they start school.

Maybe you'd welcome the idea of teachers for toddlers?

Or maybe you think toddlers shouldn't be having teachers – that they should be left to play freely? 

Please do let us know what you think by adding a post to this thread. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this one!


  • I don't think nurseries need teachers. Children get YEARS of teachers in school once they're 4. Under-4s should just be playing and learning how to make friends.

  • I have to agree with Hertie. Leave them to play, and remember kids learn through too. I also think parents have a responsibility to help teach their children how to count to 10 and their colours before they start reception, but the rest should surely come.

  • I'd say yes they should in for sure in preschool as that's the step just before kindergarten. As the have to get used to the fact that school has a timed routine. And I think that every nursery school doesn't need a qualified teacher but if all the staff have their ECE certificate and it's up to date then it's cool. But that's just my honest opinion

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