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I know this is going to be very controversial but please hear me out.

i have 2 gorgeous little boys, and the youngest who is just over 1 has a unibrow. 

i'm not doing anything about it so please don't worry!

But I am worried. I am completely split in my head between wanting him to grow up being confident in who is is, and not thinking there is anything about him that is not gorgeous, and with not wanting him to be bullied about it. I know how horrible kids can be and I hate the thought of him being upset because kids are mean to him about this. I know its a whole off as he's only little, but it worries me already. I already get comments from adults like 'wow look at those eyebrows!'

do any of you have children with unibrows and what are your thoughts. Please don't thinj I'm terrible. If I read this and didn't have a child with one I'm sure I would think differently. But I do. I don't want to put social beauty standards on him, but then is it cruel to let him go to school and be bullied? adults I know who had unibrows as children say 'why did my parents not get rid of that' when they see old photos. 

Id love your thoughts, and please be nice... 


  • Sadly I think if children are going to be cruel then they will find something to pick upon - hair style, clothing, wearing glasses, teeth, skin colour, hair colour, speech.....

    All that really matters is that your child knows that there are people that can love them regardless, those friends & family that don't care about the differences those cruel children have decided to pick upon, the honoured few who choose to look beyond it to the person inside. Let your child choose what makes them happy & let them know that you love & support them whatever that choice be. X

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