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Why won't he just eat?!

My little boy whose over a year old has had fussy periods where he won't eat much. They all start when a tooth is coming through.

But this has got to be the worst case I've seen him go through this! He just picks at bits of food. We still eat with him. He has a varied diet. Only has milk at bedtime. 

What the hell can I do?! I make sure he has multi vitamins. So that's something I guess.

But he's on the small side as it is! Never been a big baby. This little cherub grows upwards rather than outwards. 

He can't just live on bits of food here and there surely?! 


  • Is he still gaining weight as normal? Children can be fussy with food, especially when teething or unwell. Most drs/HV are concerned once weight starts to drop or the child struggles going to the toilet. 

    As long as he is eating, drinking, going to the toilet regularly & putting on weight then you have little to worry about at the moment 

  • That's a point... I'll weigh him later. Not been weighed in a couple of months. 

    Still having wet and dirty nappies. 

    I can't help myself but worry though. It all stems from when he was a wee baby he ended up losing too much weight through reflux. 😓 

    He has had periods of going off food, but nothing as bad as this. His key worker also told me he's not eating snack. 

    Good god! The worry will never end haha.

    Thank you for the reply and reassurance. 

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