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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our December 15 Babies club, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading straight into toddlerhood! 

If you have a toddler (born in December 2015), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. You'd be very welcome and they're a nice, friendly lot!



  • Oh my days - our babies are now coming up to toddlers!! When did that happen?!?!

    I feel really sad about this, especially knowing its my last time I will experience all of this.  I get broody and then I think back to how Jacob is a monkey, especially with sleeping, and I get over it! Lol.

    Well, here is my (not so little!) man now.  We have finally mastered crawling just around the 11 month mark, but he is much quicker cruising around things and pushing things along.  He has even started letting go of things and standing by himself for a few seconds......I am very surprised though, he hasn't even bothered with the Christmas Tree :-)

    So this weekend gone, Jacob got his first pair of shoes and met Santa (wasn't sure what to make of the big guy, just sort of stared at him and frowned at him a bit and then decided to pull him beard to check that out!


  • Aww how cute is he swanny!!! 

    I'm in the same boat as you.... can't believe our little bubbas are toddlers!! 

    I'm trying really hard to enjoy this phase as she's our last baby and I don't want to miss anything.

    Rosalie is up on her feet and steps around the furniture but still holds on tight so far lol, she hasn't bothered with our tree either....she is fascinated by the trimmings dangling from the ceiling but not by the tree? Kids eh? 

    She is also a good mimic and copies noises ( rather than specific words) so coughs, Sneeze's and yes burps are all copied ! Much to the delight of her burp loving big brother lol 

  • image

    Rosalie modeling bed head curls!

  • Wow busymamma - we've not seen Rosalie in so long - her hair is amazing! 

  • image

    Here you go, finally found one smiling!

  • I don't like this, I hate the fact that B won't be a toddler anymore :-(

    Will try and post some pics up later, Rosalie and Jacob are looking gorgeous :-) xxx

  • Ah busymamma she is adorable!!  And her hair is beautiful!!  Does she want to give some to Jacob?! Lol.

    I love that she burps!  Jacob will cough, but not sneeze or burp.  His vocabulary consists of Hiya, Hello, Ma Ma and Da Da at the moment!  I am sure we won't shut them up soon! ;-) xx

  • Aww, Jacob is lovely and long hair is overrated - try washing or brushing it or just not getting food in it.....

    Her vocabulary is very similar : hiya, mamma, Dada, Tata (as in bye) and no - why is no always up there in first words? She will wave and blow kisses too which is totally cute and so sweet !

  • Oh yes I imagine the food in hair isn't great! ha ha!

    Oh god, I know!  Jacob won't actually say no, but he shakes his head and pushes things away.  That's one they certainly pick up quickly isn't it?!

    I love it when they wave - so clever that they know when to wave too :-) 

    Ah, whilst I do miss having a new born baby, these months of them learning are very cute too aren't they!

    Any plans for her birthday?

    Hadepop - would love to see Beatrice again :-)


  • Just a family birthday party, some games and balloons and a cake lol

    We are trying to plan a day out somewhere fun in the summer in honour of her birthday ;)

  • I am thinking of doing a 'half birthday', maybe not this year but certainly when he starts going to school and has more friends!

  • Hello all. I have kinda cheated as my 3 have all had their 1st birthdays lol x. But on adjusted age they will be one December 1st!

    Hasnt time gone so fast. I dont know where to begin and if i did i would be here forever so i will just say hope you and all the LO's are all doing well, the pics are beautiful keep them coming. :)

  • Hi everyone!  Elliott turned one Nov 27th and we had a lovely family day at birdworld despite Elliott being poorly with a cold. He met father Christmas and loved seeing the birds, his fingers were held constantly in the pointing position ready to point to everything he saw, it was really sweet and we held a mouse!


    He had his first haircut and shoes the day before too. 

    He's cruising like a pro now but slipped yesterday and got a fat lip.

    He says mama dada cat hello look and just shakes his head when he knows he shouldn't touch something.  That's cute. 

    Great to hear from you Flaxley,  would love to see a pic of your three. 

    Busymamma rosalie's hair is really pretty.

    And Swanny look at clever Jacob standing! Xx


  • image

    I can't believe my baby is nearly a toddler, I'm feeling very emotional with this ha Deian is standing holding on, there are no steps yet! Also no waving or clapping hands but he is so happy just sitting there watching I can't complain ha I've been back in work a couple of week, think it's a bigger shock to Deian than me, and out of mum guilt I've signed up to swimming class with him on my days off. Which now means a day off work I have to think about going swimming. Not the best plannning from me!
    He's having a joint party with his sister this Saturday. And I've booked a cake smash for him Saturday after(mum guilt of not enough photos of him) being back at work is expensive because I keep booking these things! X

  • imageimageimageimage

    As promised here are a couple of Beatrice...she is at the same stage as the others...standing not holding on, will walk a bit behind walker but not there yet! Planning a little tea party with plenty of cake for her birthday...I am going to so miss her being a baby I might have to have another one, why did nobody warn me! So busy now back another time work but it does allow me to spoil her! Sunny that pic of elliot with father Christmas! 🤗🤗❤❤ x

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  • Flaxley so lovely to hear from you, I often wonder how you and your 3 are! 

    Thankyou MFM for the present, I managed a pic with Beatrice ...

    She has now had her first haircut her first trip to the dentist and her first cold!image

  • Ah is this where the book has come from?? Thanks MFM 😊 I got in last night with a present on my doorstep and no clue where it came from! I'll post a piccie with it later Xx

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