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No Sleep :(

I have a lovely 1yr old girl and recently her sleep pattern is so unsettled that we are getting no sleep either, 

She normally has a good routine in the evening where she has her bath around 6pm and is put to bed at 7pm and given milk. If i put her to bed she writhes all over the bed and tries to stand hold onto the headboard and she started to hit and scratch me if i pull her away from stansing and its like she play up when i put her bed but when my husband puts her to bed she literally is asleep in 10 minutes with now fuss!!

Once she is asleep we put her in her cot and she stays there until 1am, then from 1am we get the kick off where she cries endlessly as wants to sleep with us and at times we have given in as we have been so exhausted but i do try to stay in her room with her until falls asleep but one night we have 3hour stand off where just wanted to play.

I'd love to find away where we can put her down straight into her cot and try to help her sleep through.

Running out ideas........... any help, tips would be great please



  • She is testing the boundaries to see what she can get away with...

    Make sure that you are gentle but firm with the rules. If you invite her into your bed, fine, let her know how long she can stay before returning to her own bed. If you are having a pre-bed routine let her know what is what - I.E. One story & then lights off for sleeping. You will need to be patient & consistent, losing your temper will only make it more fun for them so try to keep your cool.

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