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Worried about development

hello, ive been worried about my sons development hes 2.8 and I'm not sure if he's behind. i have a regular play date with a good friend and her son of 2.4 her son can count to 20, count objects such has how many trains are there and how many eyes does someone have, he can also recognise numbers if you write them in any order he recognises nearly all the letters from the alphabet and on our last play date he pulled out a jigsaw to do with my son and he completed a 16 piece jigsaw, my son can't do any of this, he can count to 10 but sometimes struggles doing this, can everyone else's children do what my friends son does? Should I be worried? 


  • Hi Acheron,

    I wanted to respond to your post, firstly to say dont worry!

    One thing I have learned is all kids do things differently, My son is not as old as yours he is 16m so I cannot comment on if he is behind however straight away where I am kids have an in depth 2yr check up whereby this would be picked up - has your son had this checkup?

    In all honesty I would say to trust your instinct and dont compare your son to your freinds, do you feel confidant that your son fully understands you when your asking him to do things? this is the key.

    Speak soon

  • Hello he hasn't had his check up yet, we have been told it will be closer to him being 3. I try not to compare and my friend Has told me not to worry when I mentioned it as all children go to school doing the same things but there is a part of me that just can't help worrying. He does understand when I'm talking to him and he follows instructions like can you get your shoes. Thankyou for your reply I'll try not to worry as much 

  • Hi, 

    If your concerned that he needs one sooner ( 3 seems old ) then have you got a local health clinic you can take him too like the place you get him weighed? 

    I know how hard it is bileve me, I would say as long as he is fully understanding you try not to panic, just because you visually saw your freinds child do these things there may be things your baby does that he doesn't that you did not see right there and then. 

  • Hi hun I just wanted to give you a bit of reasurrance from my experience - I'm not quite a mummy yet but I have worked with kids for 7 years - I just wanted to chip in and say don't worry at all - it sounds like your friends wee one is pretty far on for a 2 year old I work with 3-5 year olds and many of the kids I look after don't recognise numbers or letters yet and most of the younger ones can't count to 20 either. All children are different and will have different strengths. Some kids take a bit longer to excel in different things and some may be quicker in other areas. You might find that your wee one excels more in social skills, understanding instructions, etc. or other things which I'm sure you will know as you are his mummy :) please don't worry at this stage. As mentioned already your health visitor is around to pick up on any concerns if you feel the need to contact her in future xx

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