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Sleep problems with my 2 year old

my lo was 2 in January, and rarely sleeps through the night. He will more often than not go down fine at a consistent time with me or my husband but then you can't guarantee how long he will stay in his own bed. Recently he had been coming into our bed far earlier and then being up really regularly for the rest of the night. No amount of differing sleeps in the day make a difference to him. I feel like we have tried everything, from fro clocks to letting him choose bedding what he takes to bed etc so any suggestions would be helpful.


  • Maybe you have already tried this, but how about offering a reward in the morning if he's stayed in his bed all night xx

  • Hi there, a few things you could try, and this may sound nuts, but give him a banana before bed - google it, some people swear by it. Also, when he does get out of bed, do you just put him straight back in to his bed with no conversation? If not, try that...  And what time is he waking up? 

    Also, you could try telling him every night before bed (we did this with my little girl who when she was three we would just find her getting up several times a night and walking into our room for no reason at all!) 'this is your bed. You stay in your bed all night until mummy comes and gets you in the morning'. Just to try and make him understand a little more. 

  • we are trying the whole banana idea tonight!! We have tried sticker charts etc. He has great understanding but is also very stubborn so telling him only work if he wants to listen!! 

  • We took away day time sleep which worked but was draining to start with also how about a grow clock?? We use one which also helps xx

  • We have tried a gro clock! The banana thing appears to have helped a tiny bit with the exception of last night! Taking sleep out doesn't work either he didn't sleep at all on Friday and made no difference!! He is such a pickle!! X

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