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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our May 2016 Babies Club, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading into toddlerhood! 

If you have a toddler (born in May 2016), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. You'd be very welcome and they're a nice, friendly lot!




  • Hi everyone! Wow I can't believe our babies are turning 1. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, Niamh keeps me very busy! She's been walking for a few months now, she loves grapes , bananas, sausages and white chocolate 😂 Niamh's a little dancing queen, jigging around to any songs that come on 💓 And carries her panda around with her whenever she can. 🐼 If I ask her nicely she'll even bring it to me now☺️  Her 1st birthday is on May 9 (Tuesday!) I've got her a slide, a rocking horse and a mega bloks table. Hoping to also get a trampoline this week. Hope everyone is getting on ok and would love to hear an update on everyone elses little ones from the May 2016 thread xx 

  • I know it is crazy that we now have toddlers! Mya turns 1 tomorrow but had her party at the weekend. She loves being centre of attention so was in her element. image

  • Lush pic! Wow I can't believe Niamh has been walking for months! Alice is still practicing. I don't think she's got the confidence yet and insists on us holding her hands. despite being almost 1 she's only just for her first tooth! Strangely its the front top one rather than the bottom !!

  • Hi everyone! I can't believe we will all have 1 year olds very soon! Time has flown by but it really has been an amazing year. Heidi isn't quite walking yet, but will be in the next couple of weeks I think. She has 12 teeth, including top and bottom molars 😂 she looks so funny with a mouth full of teeth. We are hoping to go to the zoo for her birthday if the weather is ok, but if not, we are going to an aquarium instead. 


  • image

    She is SO cute !! Bless her. i noticed Alice is getting her bottom teeth now too😁 So she's getting 4 at once With the top 2 as well !! finally. I was thinking about a wildlife park for Alice's birthday too. Hope the weather is good !

  • Hello everybody! It's birthday month can we believe it?! 

    And I know it's very early days but I have to share with someone and can't share with real life family/friends - this morning we found out isabelle is to be a big sister 😍 so due December 2017/January 2018 ❤

    Happy birthday all you not so little babies image

  • OMG Steph! That's amazing news! I don't envy that you'll have 2 under 2's to look after though 😂 My eldest is 4 and it's hard enough with her being at school all day. Urs will be so close though, it's amazing seeing the bond they have. My 2 adore each other xx

  • Amazing news StephieLou!!!! That's so exciting. There's times I would love to be pregnant again then other times where I think no way haha. It'll be so nice having them so close together, will be best friends! Hope your feeling well xx

    p.s. How did u find the dove products? mya has quite dry skin and I use oilatum and aveeno on her

  • Rebekah is one on the 19th. She loves to.clap her hands and sing a long to her nursery rhymes. We've got a Wendy house and trike for her birthday and off to the beach to celebrate. Hope all mums are well! Xxxxx

  • image Olivia will be 1 on the 18th. This year has gone so quickly. She loves music, clapping  and dancing. She is so close to walking now. Really don't know what I would do with out her now :D  

    That's fantastic new Steph. Love the pics girlies your babies are gorgeous. 

  • Thanks ladies!! And the dove products Emma, I really like the body wash and shampoo! Izzy gets eczema and really dry skin but so far it seems to be keeping her pretty moisturised! And really does smell lovely!! Xx

  • It's blooming wonderful to see all these babies, so grown up! And amazing news Stephie! Congratulations! Can we possibly tempt you to check out Due in January 18

  • image

    Herewith rebekah - she loves playing peekaboo! Lol

  • Awh look at all your beautiful babas!! Are they really one this month!! :( can't believe how fast time is going. 

    Emellia is 1 on the 19th, She's still reacting with dairy, we've been up the ladder a few times, but had excema on her face. We've got the dove sensitive range to try also. Oilatum we use atm, 

    Here's a couple of photos of the little cheeky one! 


  • Just ready back steph can't believe I've missed your comment! Congratulations hunny!!! I'm so exited for you!!! I'm so broody the past few weeks as Emellia is getting a little more independent! We've been talking about another but waiting a little more. . . Ahhhh! Absolutely beaming right now for you you! Congratulations 😍😍😍xxxxx

  • Such lovely news Steph ! Every time I watch One Born Wvery Minute it makes me want another baby!! Bizarre as I've not forgotten the agony but omg what an incredible journey it is. I would love to do it all over again but going to wait til Alice is 3! then I can use the govmt free hours to keep her with the childminder and have one on one time with the new baby 😊  So excited for you. 

  • Good thinking Cox. we don't have the same scheme in NI but thankfully Myas grandparents have taken over all the childcare which is great as I work 45 hrs a week and I dread to think how much childcare would cost if I had to pay it! 

    I thinking of waiting till Mya is 3 too though, just need to get through the broody patches. I havnt watched One Born Every Minite since I had her lol- worried it would bring back all the memories 😐.  But I agree it was an amazing journey from pregnancy till the wee toddlers the are now! image

  • Thank you everybody! I must be mad going for 2 under 2 at 22 😂 also getting married in August so will be nice to have isabelle walking with me down the Isle and then little Bro/Sis growing away inside! 

    Forgot to say, aldi are doing beautiful kids tipi's for £39.99! Much better than spending over £100 from somewhere else. We've got isabelle one for her first birthday xx

  • Wow that's a brilliant price. Just llooked and they're sold out online. Typically our store is closed for refurbishment 🙄  Annoying as I love them. 

    Emma you're lucky with the free chikdcare. My parents do half a day a week and I work three days so she's at a childminder the rest of the time. its about £350 a month which I couldn't afford if I was in maternity leave again. And I wouldn't want her to lose her place and the social time that it gives her. 

  • Hi everyone, it's wonderful to see your pics and read your updates! How far these babies have come! Please do drop me a PM with your full name and address so we can send you out your toddler gift. 

    And while we're here, we're wondering if you might come and tell us when your child started to walk - we have a new thread about it right here

    Also, just for fun, if any of you have tattoos you might fancy showing us, we have a thread about it here! Thank you! 

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