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Removing sides of cot at 14months old?

My DD is 14 months and I'm worried it won't be long and she will climb and fall out of her cot.

She quite often tries to climb into her travel cot (ball pit) and gets to the point where she is folded over the top of it almost falling in, and that is higher than her normal cot.

But 14 months seems far too early to remove the sides. There is no way she would stay put all night. Has anyone else removed the cot sides this early?


  • I think you're right and it does seem too young. She'd never stay put! (Find me a kid that would!) Also, your little girl hasn't actually climbed out the cot (yet) so I would hold off taking the sides down as long as you can. 

    Does your daughter sleep in a sleeping bag? We found these really hampered any efforts of our daughter trying to climb out the cot, and to be fair we didn't have a cotbet, just a small cot and neither of mine managed it (both used sleeping bags).

    If you're super worried, just makes sure there's no cotbumpers she could pivot her foot to climb out, obviously have it on the lowest setting possible so the cot is as deep as it will go, and maybe even drill some new holes in the cot to make it lower? 

  • Thanks BobbieRas. The sleeping bag point is a really good one. She usually does sleep in one and I don't think she would be able to easily climb out while in one - they are very restrictive. But as it's so hot at the moment lots of nights she isn't in one.

    Theres nothing in the cot that could assist in an escape attempt. And it is on the lowest setting to make it as difficult as possible for her (not possible to lower any more as there's a drawer under).

    My friend has just removed the sides of her daughter cot (though she is almost a year older than my girl) but this was because her daughter climbed over and then fell out. I am just paranoid this will happen and she will get hurt, especially if she goes head first over the side.

  • pop a duvet or a mattress or some cushions on the floor. 

  • I actually am relatively intelligent but I'd never have thought of just putting something on the floor to soften the landing just in case! Now I feel silly for not thinking of something like this. Thanks Katt

  • My lg is 14 months and for the exact same reason I have just taken the side off the cot and put a bed guard on and she is sleeping well in it all night! You don't know until you try. You could always try it and worst comes to worst you put  the side back on? I also f9ldee a duvet next to her bed incase of any falls

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