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Earmuffs or Ear Defenders to block loud music for toddler - where from?

Hi guys,

I am taking my 2 year old to a concert start of next  month.

I have been researching various earmuffs and unfortunately the only once I could find are the once my toddler won't keep on.

Has anyone got any suggestions or recommendation.


  • Hi Motherofmine, funny you should ask this question as we have just put together this handy Top 5 Ear Defenders article. We hope it helps. 

    But we'd also love to hear from anyone else who has tried some good ear defenders too - that would be great to know if we've missed any good ones! 

  • Hi, yes you want to try Ems 4 Bubs.  We'd had the baby ones and the kids ones and think they're fab.  I did actually have a review of them but it got lost so I'll have to write one up again!

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