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My daughter is almost 20 months old and she only says 8 single words in total. I’m worried shes lagging behind. Thoughts??

Thank you x


  • Every child is different but the 2yr review is just around the corner if you are concerned.

    My boy/girl twins are 20mths old (19mths corrected as born at 35wks) :

    Boy twin’s words include - Mumma, Dadda, No, Up, Ball, Go, Dog...

    Girl twin’s words include - Mumma, Dadda, No, Yes, Hi, Go, Get, Did, Do, Hiss, Ow, Uh oh, Bye bye, There...

    Both twins are attentive & attempt to copy sounds & actions (boy is just slightly more laid back as his twin sister is a noisy chatterbox who loves to show off 😉)

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