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Guilt over accident

My 18month old was in the garden with me yesterday when I was bringing in the washing, our garden is on two levels separated by a small wall which I always watch her when she's too near. She was chasing a ball and ran towards the wall I tried to catch her but she flipped over the wall and fell 5ft on to slabs below!!! She cried straight away and appeared to have landed on her front, there was not a mark on her, took her to a and e and got her checked, she's now home and has been fine!!! We think the hot tub with inflatable lid broke her fall. I just cannot stop having flashbacks and I feel awful!! My chest tightens and I start crying, what can i do about this horrible guilt!!! 


  • Awe u must b traumatised:(

    accidents happen:( thankfully ur little one is ok xx

    my husband dropped our 8 week old out of the car seat on2 a tiled floor, she was completely fine but I cried for days:(

  • Aww hun, I know it’s super upsetting but I promise you it happens to us all! and we feel terrible about our little ones getting hurt but then you realize that they are ok, they are happy and accidents happen... you’re not superwoman. try and cut yourself some slack... you did everything you could and made sure she was checked out afterwards. 

  • Last time, I left my 3 years old for only a few seconds at the shower. I asked him to sit only but well, he stand up and slip. He went out of the shower and told me he got a boo boo. To be honest, as long as I don't see any blood or bruise, I stop myself from worrying a lot. I ask him a lot of times though if he feels any pain and if I think something is wrong, I will rush him to the hospital.

    This might offend some moms but the thing is, I believe it's part of growing up and if I become too protective, I might hinder the process of learning things. Also, I know that accidents happen a lot no matter how careful we are.
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