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Toddler crys when having to leave nans

LLooking for advice regarding my 2 year old, over the past few weeks he has been having tantrums when he has to leave his grandparents house, at first it started with just not wanting to come home but now he crys and wants to sleep there all the time, he slept there and was there from the afternoon until the following evening when me and his dad went to collect him but he still didn't want to come home with us, when we're at home he wants me to do everything for him I'm the only one that can take him to bed etc but up there I can't do anything he wants his nan to do everything from change his bum, play etc, mostly runs to her when he's upset and it's breaking my heart but to make it worse I feel like she loves it, the big smile on her face when he wants to stay there. I basically hadn't seen him for 2 days and after work I sat home dredding going to get him as I knew what it would be like, missed him but dred collecting him from there, he isn't like it with anyone else so it's just so hard.  When I try and speak to my partner he just gets ratty and we row over it, he was dead set on making them have a super close bond with him right from when he was born, pushing for them to have him before I was ready and then for overnights, he cut his hours so he could have our son more while i work but still takes him up there on his days off so he is just there all the time and now hes wanting to be there all the time, it's breaking my heart


  • Aww Hun, he probably just gets spoiled there whereas at home there are rules and boundaries! 

    He is ovbiously very securely attached to you as he knows to love him and will always be there so doesn’t need to cling to you. 

    Maybe do a visual chart clearly showing where he will be each dat and go through it with him each morning so he knows what to expect?

  • I understand whereyoure coming from. 

    is there a certain activity he does with his grandparents that he can also do at home? 

    A visual chart would help hI’m realise and understand that he is going home Or could your partner do the pick ups? That is what I’ve been teying to do so i don’t have to see them. 

  • How long are they there for normally?

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