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Is my toddler sleeping too much?

my son has alot of sleep...

i know i should cherish this as i got another one on the way but sometimes i wonder is this ok? 

so he goes bed at 8-8.30pm every night and wakes at 8.30-9am in the morning (altho currently its 9.20am and hes still asleep) without waking at night. He has the ocassional stir but settles back himself and carrys on sleeping. 

He has one nap in the day and it could like between 1hr to 2.5hrs!!!! 

So on a max day he has 16hours aleep!!!!

Ive talked to other mums whose child only naps 30mins in the day and has 12 hrs at night.  


  • How old is he? 

    My eldest son, at 2, used to sleep a full 12 hours at night and still have a decent nap in the day. He was always on the go when he was awake so I put it down to that.

    Remember every child is different, I'm sure there's nothing wrong.

  • That does seem like quite a late bed time for a toddler is there a reason you keep him up? There’s lots of articles online about sleeping it’s worth looking at them. 

    My little one can sleep for 12 hours one day n 16 the next it could be him growing 

  • Every child is different. My daughter sleeps 11 hours a night. Goes to bed 9.30 we get up 8.30 am. She has 3 x 30 min naps a day. She is 7 months old and has had this routein since she was 5 weeks old x
  • My child sleeps at 7 pm and wakes up at 7:30 or 8 am then takes 2 naps a day. 
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