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Nursery sooo expensive 😣

Ok so i know this is all very negative and im basically just moaning. I have 2 kids in nursery twice a week and the cost is just ridiculous. Im fed up of it . I get the 20% tax relief amd get a very small discount on the eldest childs fees (sibling discount) . Every month the nursery asks for over £700 this is more than my mortgage!!! Its becoming depressing as i now cant buy myself anything and it feels like everyone around me is enjoying thier money . Im grateful i have kids and i love them more than anything but this is just draining . Im literally just waiting till this September for some relief when the eldest child gets some free hours . Thank you for reading sorry it was all very negative im just fed up. 


  • I don't pay nursery anymore cause my kids are thankfully now in school, but I totally felt your pain - ours was costing us £1k a month, and when the free hours kicked in it came down to £700 which helped. it's just a crazy amount of money isn't it? So i totally get what you're saying. Hold out for September x
  • Thank you for your reply . I just wanted someone to say that they're in the same boat or have been where i am .i feel less isolated now so thank you. Because the people i work with only have one child or get a lot of help it just makes me feel like i completly alone paying this stupid amount on child care. Over 1000 is just horrendous i have no idea how u managed that you must of had some very down moments paying that everymonth . September is 3 and a half months away im just plugging away till then .xx 
  • OMG, I absolutely know where you're coming from - can you get your parents or inlaws to help one day a week or so? That would deffo make a difference financially - also, you could look at using a childminder as they might be cheaper.  When i think back on the money i spent on nursery (and especially paying when the kids were ill and couldn't go, but still had to pay) it makes me feel sick - i was literally going to work to pay for nursery. But whatever happens, you will be richer come september! 
    Also, was talking to a friend of mine who has three boys under three (twins) and she pays, wait for it, £1700 a month. I think her hubby has a good job so they can pay it, but bloody hell! x
  • Me and my family are not close at all so i have no support from them and my mother law has them both 1 day a week whilst we go to work i wouldnt even be able to work if the mother in law didnt have my kids that one day . Me and my partner now literally never go out together for a meal or cinema because we feel terrible asking his mum to babysit because shes now early 70's and already has them 1 day a week . I literally gasped when i read what your friend was paying thats just appauling . It puts my moaning about this into perspective .. i looked into childminders but didnt want to uproot them out of nursery now thwy are settled . Yes i especially hate paying when they're unwell and dont go as its literally money paid for nothing 😒😩 .. The good thing about being skint is im now very frugal and am finding out ways to save money . A friend told me for every carrier bag of old clothes/ towels/curtains/ shoes that you take into H&M they give you a £5 voucher . This is great as im now getting desperate for new clothes. Xx 
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