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Sleep training turning into a disaster


We are trying to train our little one to soothe himself to sleep. 
We are trying the controlled crying method where we check on him at regular intervals until he had fallen asleep. 

For the first couple of days it worked an absolute treat. We all got plenty of sleep and started to feel human again!

Then things turned bad... The crying wouldn't stop, hours and hours and hours of it during daytime, night time and any time. 
Our little one now seems terrified of being left alone and he hates his cot. 
He won't fall asleep unless he is held and cuddled, usually by his dad. (I seem to not be good enough during the raging tantrums). 

Tonight it got so bad that in the two minutes I was out of his room he threw up all over himself and the bed. 
He is exhausted because he doesn't sleep, if he does sleep he wakes up every hour during the night, sometimes we have to sit with him for up to three hours before he will zonk out out of pure exhaustion.

We feel that leaving him alone is torture for him.
He won't co-sleep either. 

We are at our wits end and the lack of sleep is starting to impact work for both of us now.

What can we do? Who can we speak to? What on earth are we doing wrong?! 

Please tell me it will get better and soon!!! 


  • I would leave it a few weeks, and then try again. Sleep training always works 100% of the time but it might have setbacks. We did the Alison Scot Wright Sensational Baby Sleep Plan. And I have recommended it to 5 mums who it has all worked for. It’s not quite controlled crying, where you leave them to cry, so you have to go in and reassure (either by words or a stroke on the belly) and then they get it. How old is your boy? We sleep trained our son when he was 4 months old and by night 3 he was sleeping 12 hours a night so I know it def can be done. I know it’s harder when they’re older but it can be done!! You can do it!! 
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