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Is this normal?

Hi Mums,

Have a look at my Son's Videos 🤗😜Sorry it is bit too long😋

Although, I am quite surprised at what he does at this little age but need your insight feedback after you watch this video. Some people say he is not a normal child as he way ahead of his age. Is this true? 

NOW that you have watched, here is my query:

He turned 2 this week and as you can see in the video, he has a great memory and learning power. The nursery that he started going to about 2 months ago has a policy to just work on life skills for the babies/toddlers in group 0-3 years which seems like a wide age group to be honest as they can't give targeted learning needs to everyone as they are caring for kids aged from 0-3.

Not that I am overly worried or obsessed about his learning but should we not try to nurture the natural talent he has ie strong intellect, memory and brain power.. please advice!
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