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Off to florida next month but which pushchair to take!?

I am flying to florida next month with my four children. I ideally need to take two pushchairs for the younger 2 who are 2 and 5 as we will be doing full days at disney. I have a few pushchairs to choose from, but cant decide what to do. I am not a big fan of strollers but it would be easier to take a stroller over my main pushchair (a cybex priam) but i love my priam and the features would be handy but takes more effort to take. My second pushchair is a smaller one but still cant decide weather to go two small, one big one small or risk just taking one! Unfortuately i cant take my double as its an out and about and i wont have enough space for that in the care with all the kids and the luggage. Thanks!
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