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16 month old hates cot

Is anyone else struggling with getting their little one to sleep in their own bed? I know the advice is not to “make a rod for your own back”, I’ve had it told to me so many times from my family but the only way hubby and I can sleep is if we bring our son in to sleep in the middle of us. He’s dropped to one nap a day around 11:40-12:40. He’s just stopped day nursery because I’ve stopped working due to the astronomical cost of childcare once my 4 year old starts school. 

I know it’s not going to be forever that he sleeps in our bed but 😩 we try every night to put him down in his own cot, but he will only fall asleep on our bed. Once lifted in, he will sleep until about 1am, then he wakes up and rocks the bars and screams until we bring him in with us. Not amount of crying out seems to help. 


  • Ps. We eat dinner at the table away from screens, we follow bath, book, bottle and bed routine for him and aim for 19:30 bedtime. The same routine was bulletproof for our daughter who always slept fine from birth. 
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