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2 year old wont go to sleep on his own

Hey! i need some help... my 2 year old was really really good at going to sleep on his own... and then some time at around 1.5 years old he stopped and wanted to someone to lie down with him... since then he just wont go on his own anymore... this is starting to get a little heavy. especially for me because im due my second baby in august and its a real struggle for me to snug up next to him. 

Mind you, he doesn't wake up at all at night time. And when its bed time he falls asleep quite quickly... the longest he will take around 30mins... but usually 10 mins and he's out... I really want him to learn to fall asleep on his own though because when the baby will be born its just going to be impossibile! 

any tips??? Im willing to try anything at this point!


  • Not a completely scary situation, try to tell your child some negative consequence if he cannot fall asleep on his own. Or try to make him more tired, to fall asleep from being too active.
    I also have one question, I will write it below.

    Hello moms or moms-to-be! Has anyone bought a busy boards for a child? I've looked at the site bumblebeesmart, it's kind of like an educational toy, but how useful and interesting it will be for a child. Who has it or has it? What do you think?

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