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3 going on 33!

Getting bed time sorted is really simple first get an evening routine sorted. Only quiet play after dinner then a bath, supper, clean teeth, then into bed, read her a short bedtime story, then kiss & cuddle, say night night then straight out of her room. The first time she gets up say "its bedtime darling" and put her back to bed. The second time just say "its bedtime" then put her back to bed. After that just put her back to bed no conversation and no eye contact. She'll soon learn to stay there. Also if she uses the need a drink excuse let her take some water to bed in a non-spill cup. This will work, it may take a few days but you have to stick with it.
from Sarah


  • Hi,
    I also have a 3 year old daughter and she is the same. Generally she is great BUT when it comes to these battles it's so tiring. She also constantly has an answer for everything. I could catch her dragging her baby sister around but when questioned about it, she would stand there and straight faced tell me that she hadn't done anything at all! When it comes to trying to get out the house, especially in the morning or getting her to eat her meals/go to bed/let me do her hair, some days it's fine and others she's a nightmare!
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