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I think sometimes with toddlers encouragement, distraction and empathy have a bigger impact then punishment so thats what i try to do. I found this great link on toddler tantrums which was really insightful -

Also its worth looking at why your son is misbehaving before telling him off. Is he tired, hungry, been eating foods that dont agree with him or has something happened to upset him. Often negative behaviour in young children has a trigger and when you find that trigger you sometimes find they cant help behaving that way. I usually find if Adam has sweets that it sends him up the wall and in that situation a punishment just wouldnt be appropriate.

Also what behaviour do you consider to be naughty? Its normal for toddlers to push their boundaries as they are only just learning whats right and wrong and so when it seems they are deliberately winding you up its really just that they want to know whats acceptable and/or they are just trying to figure stuff out and probably dont even realise it will get to you. Thats not to say you should just let him do what he wants but try to put yourself in his head and question why hes doing what hes doing. If its something you find unacceptable then tell him AND show him. So if for example he pulls the cats tail you could try saying 'we must be nice to the cat' and show him how to be. You dont say how old your son is but he doesnt seem to understand the time out thing. I'm not a big fan of time out as such but sometimes if Adam needs a chance to calm down I will sit him down beside me as a way of letting him - there is no time limit and he can get up when he wants to but I usually find he will take a minute of his own free will and it helps him chill out a bit. I wouldnt try to send him out the room because it doesnt really relate to the thing he has done iyswim and would just get him more worked up. Sometimes though on a stressful day its worth me going out the room lol - on those occasions I sometimes wonder whos the one whos behaviour needs sorting and I honestly think i can cause him to misbehave without realising it.
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