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wrong wrong wrong mummy

hi all
just need to get this of my chest, here i go....
at the moment nothing i do for maisy is right, she seems to complain or tantrum at everything i do for her....
(it is quite upsetting)
maisy is 3 going on 16 at the moment,, has anyone experienced this or going through it at the moment..
any advice welcome


  • hi thats exactly how hubby and I feel at mo Ethans quite independant and wants everything done his way I'm trying not to let him get away with it but it can be difficult in middle of tescos ( am considering doing tescos shop online until this phase has passed)! We've had to resort to taking toys away from him just to control his temper. If things get too much don't be afraid to put her somwhere safe ie in front of telly and give yourself some time out thats what works for me - a good cup of tea! Good luck! x
  • Hi all, reading all these messages is making me sigh with relief! We also are having all the same problems. Niamh (2yrs 4months) is way too independant for her age. We have a "time out chair", which we threaten her with before she gets too out of hand. She sits there for 2 minutes at a time (god bless supernanny). When she throws a paddy, we tell her to go and throw it somewhere where we cant see her, just so shes not getting attention. When I ignored her the other day, she came right up to me and said "fine, I'll go and throw a paddy over there then shall I?!" how funny.
    Kas x
  • Hi all,

    Same in our house at the moment, I can't do anything with Joseph (Jd) without it becoming a battle, 'Just one last time or one last one' is his latest and all hell breaks loose if that 'ONE LAST TIME mummy' doesn't happen!!

    We are currently using time out with him and taking away a toy for 24 hrs, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't, I am pretty sure it is their age and am keeping everything crossed that sometime soon this phase passes....

    Hang on in there is what I keep telling myself, although at times it is so frustrating and embarrassing in public


    Love Jd_mummy xxx
  • hi all
    as expected.... it didn't take long to get replies on this subject!!
    thank god it's not just me... do feel better now!!!
    have tried telling her to go somewhere else to have paddy but she shows off even more.... thats because she is'nt getting attention.. will try time out chair though, that does sound like good idea.. (shame it can't be a chair in someone else's house lol)
    Thanks all
  • We do that too although Ethan was so not bothered by it that I ended up filling a bin liner before I got a reaction! We let him earn them back the next day so he was on his best behaviour!!
  • hi all
    think im going to do reward chart when she is good she gets a treat at the end of the week!
    what do you think?
  • I think they're great we use one for Ethans potty traing. I don't use it for his behaviour as think he's too young to understand the concept but maisy's probably at just the right age Good luck!! x
  • thanks tasha
    i think i might need it!!!
    another bad day yesterday!!!!!!!
  • Hi hun i no how you feel,rileys almost 3 and everything at the mo is no mummy shhh shut up and that all he will say,he says it when you ask him to eat his lunch,dinner or just tidy up,i think its all part of the terrible two's and this lasting for quite some time.
    Hang on in there,i no im doing my best to.
    Good luck hun
  • Hi Rileysmum
    I'm relieved its not just me who gets attitude from my son! Ethan had a massive tantrum in the bank today then managed to pull my card out of chippin machine mid transaction still screaming the woman was not impressed and of course all the older people in the queue were tutting at me, joy!! How old is Riley? Ethans nearly 2 1/2 x
  • His 2yrs 8mths
    His usual is throwing a tantrum when he cant have a biscuit,this being just after his had a big bol of cerial.
    Emma xx
  • hi all
    tasha this happened to me today too in the bank people pulling faces.... how embarrasing!!
  • Hi Emma
    Ethan asks for a treat or biscuit as soon as he gets up in the morning! Luckily he's quite happy with a smoothie which he thinks is a treat! Trouble is, I have a sweet tooth so have to hide my 'naughty' foods from him! Tasha x
  • Hi Kas
    Have been using your tip with Ethan and have been telling him to throw his paddies upstairs it works a treat thank you thank you!!
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