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The surgery is done.....

Hi all,

Well my very brave little man is home and has had his op.

He was amazing, and I managed to keep it together until he was under the anaesthetic so he wasnt any the wiser that I was really worried. It's been quite tough since we've been home as he not always coping with the level of pain but we'll get there, it'll prob take about 2-3 weeks to recover so we are in for a bit of a rough time with him.
I know I work in the job and you shouldn't blow your own trumpet as it were but my friends and colleagues were fantastic today and they took the best care of him that I could have wished for.

Thankyou everyone that left messages in the tomorrow post, it is lovely to know that I can come on here and blurt it all out

Takecare Love jd_mummy xxx


  • I am so glad that he is ok and was very brave, you were brave to, it must have been very hard to see him go through that!
    I wish him a very quick recovery, big hugs to you all xx
  • I'm glad it went well. Take care and a quick recovery for JD.

    Zoe xx
  • I'm very glad it went well and Jd is at home with you. You've all been very brave today and i hope you have a settled weekend. Big hugs to you both! xx
  • Hi
    I'm glad the surgery went well and JD is OK! You can now relax a little too. Hope you have a lovely weekend.
  • I'm really glad the surgery went well and i wish JD a speedy recovery!!

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend xx
  • Hi JD mummy, Im so glad that yeserday went well. You were both very brave. At least you can relax a little now, and hopefully you'll enjoy the weekend!!
    Speedy recovery to Jd.
    Kas xx
  • Hi dj and mummy,like the girls,glad all went well ans that his doing ok,all the best for a speedy recovery.
    Emma an riley
  • Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to let know how it was going.

    It's two days post op now and we are getting the hang of this recovery malarkey!! I bow down to his lordship that is Joseph, comfortably perched on the sofa on his duvet and squishy pillow, I am regularly up and down with I want this mummy, I want that mummy....

    He is doing well though, he has turned cheeky again so i know he feels bit better, eating like a horse and even wanting to attempt to play now and again, which is tough for him as he's only just up and about for short periods of time, he seems to be comfortable at night which is good as I was a bit concerned about night times, it is amazing how they bounce back.

    Lets just hope this keeps up and he continues to recover so well and cheekily!!

    Takcare love jd_mummy xxx
  • Hi Jd mummy, just thought Id ask how Joseph is doing now? Hope he's feeling better now.
    Hope you are well
    Kas xx
  • Hi Kas,

    Joseph is really good thank you, he did a bit too much early on and set himself back a little but now he is almost healed, I reckon another week or so and we should be there.

    He has been so grown up about it all even though he doesn't really understand whats what, amazing how resilient they can be.

    Hope Niamh and Tara are great and looking fwd to Xmas, Joseph is very excited about it all especially as he knows it's his birthday on weds so he gets his Xmas presents early as he puts it?!? we tried to explain that they are birthday pressies that he gets not early Xmas pressies but he has not quite got it yet bless him...

    Love jd_mummy xxx
  • Hi Jd mummy,
    im so pleased to hear Josephs doing well. It is amazing how quickly kids bounce back.

    I hope he has a lovely birthday. Are you doing anything special to celeberate?

    Niamh and Tara are both well thankyou. Niamh cant wait for Xmas, and Tara had her 7-9 month check today, that went really well.

    Take care
    Kas xx
  • Hi Kas,

    Glad Tara's check went well, you want them to be thriving don't you especially when they have their check ups, I always used to be chuffed to bits whenever Joseph had his development checks and the HV thought he was doing great.

    It's so lovely as they get older and start getting excited about Xmas.

    On his bday we will be having the family over for the morning then we are taking him to the sea life centre as he can't do too much exercise at the mo otherwise we would have taken him to his favourite play centre, he will enjoy seeing all the fish and sharks and he knows we can do the play centre when he is up to it. We are having a small tea party for him at home on Sat with his best friends so hopefully they'll all have a lovely afternoon together.

    Next year we will have to make up for it being such a quiet bday for him this year!

    Love jd_mummy xx
  • Hiya,

    I'm so glad JD is making a good recovery from his surgery. Enjoy his birthday celebrations, sometimes quiet birthdays can be the best ones.

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • Hi jd-mummy

    Happy birthday to joseph for wednesday,rileys is saturday,not sure what to do for him,leaving it a little late i no.
    Glad his feeling much better to.

  • Hi
    Really glad Joseph as made a good recovery and a very happy birthday to him for Wednesday xx
  • Really pleased Joseph's recovering well.
    Hope you all have a lovely time on Wednesday!!
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