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Poppy is 16 months and yesterday while playing with a little friend - they had a bit of a fight over a toy and Poppy bit her image hard enough to leave teeth marks in the little girls arms. Today she tried to bite me and also the dog. I have told her no and that it's naughty but she just shouts 'naughty' at me and laughs.
I know that this is a phase that most children go through but I just wondered how I could help her to understand that it isn't acceptable to bite?!

Please help - her little friends dad is already calling her jaws!!


  • Oh no, poor you.
    Matthew was biting us a while ago (now 21m). I just told him NO, and said if he did it again he'd go in his room. If he did, I'd take him there and shut the door. I'd count to 60(ish) then go in. I'd tell him why he was on his own, biting is bad etc then we'd cuddle. It has worked so far....
    He goes to bite now if he gets excited but i can usually catch him before he does it and say "no biting". This stops him mid-flow...mostly.
    I use his room as a naughty area cos we've got no steps. I also spend time every now and then saying biting/hitting is NO and shaking head, and that kisses and cuddles are YES, nodding head. Matthew sort of joins in, if he feels like it. He's not talking much but understands what's going on.
    Hope that might help.
  • Lily (15m) has just started biting when we're playing and she gets excited. We just shake our heads and say no biting, that's naughty. She appears to understand there and then that's it's wrong and stops doing it, but it's like she's forgotten a few days later, so we have to keep repeating ourselves.
  • Isaac doesnt bite but he pinches really hard in temper, I have a huge bruise on my arm where he pinched me. I just say no really loudly and sit him down away from me, I have to do it several times as he keeps coming back and trying again but eventually he gets the message until the next time.
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