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Booster seats!!

Hi All

I am hoping someone can help me, my son is 2yrs and 4 months, but he is very tall and big for his age he is nearly 100cm tall and weights 17.1kgs.

Please can you tell me if he is big enough to go in a booster seat? i know many mums have said that they wouldnt trust their 2yr old in a normal seat belt but when ive put him in the booster seat at home when im tidying car etc he sits there quite happly and doesnt even try and get out of seat, but in his normal seat he can climb out!! lol he has a brother and sister who use the booster seats so he sees them sitting in them.

What do you think, ive looked on websites but its soooooooooooo confusing lol



  • hi my little girl is the same age and is also very tall for her age she has been in a booster seat with back rest for a while now as she was far to big for a 3 point harness i went to babies r us and they advised us on the best seat.
  • most of the car booster seats are from 15kg's so as far as weight she's ok to travel on them... but you do have to be careful as his bones may not be strong enough to hold the impact of a normal seat belt & may need a 3/5 point harness still... you say he can climb out of car seat he's in now? how does he do it? has he worked out how to undo the button or does he wriggle out of the straps? there are covers to lock the button into place so maybe you could get one of them? good luck... I suppose though a booster cushion is better than none at all? xx
  • hi

    My son cannot undo the seat beat, he some how wriggles out of it, i do not know how lol because i have so much trouble doing it up as it needs to be quite tight but he still gets out lol

  • the thing to look for is where the straps come in relation to his shoulders - they should be level or slightly higher than the shoulders. If the straps are lower than his shoulders then this will provide him with the wriggle room to free himself. Try it out with your own seatbelt - set the strap so it comes up and over your shoulder rather than across or downand see how much leeway it give you. In safety terms it means that if he gets thrown forward in an accident his shoulders will easily come free of the restraint thereby negating the use of the carseat.
  • just a thought... what about one of those clips that bring the chest straps together a bit? I've had a look for a link for you but can't find one! It just bring the straps togther so the child can't lift the straps off the shoulder. x :\)
  • Try this I think this is what Wenders means.
  • thanks bedhead!!!!! :lol: that is exactly what I meant! No child can get out of that once the belts are tightened!!! xxxx :\)
  • This is reminding me of the Doris Day film where she has the escapologist toddler that has to be padlocked into a cage cos he can escape from everything... Can anyone remember the name?

    But, more to the point, Sunshine Kids make excellent products, it's worth checking out their other ones as well. ukdotskjpdotcom.
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