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Hi Kirst,
I know you've had trouble with Oliver refusing to have naps during the day so I'm just after a bit of advice if you don't mind.
Ben normally has 2 naps in the day. About 1 hour in the morning 10.30am ish and about 1 hour in the afternoon about 3.30pm ish. He's 13 months old.
A few times in the last couple of weeks he's refused the afternoon nap, screaming his head off if we try and put him down although he will go off if he's in his pram or if he's in someones arms. Morning naps are no problem.
When Oliver doesn't sleep do you usually put him to bed earlier at night? But does that mean he'll get up earlier the next day? Is he usually dead grumpy? Do you still feed him at normal times?
Soz for bombarding you with questions!!
Just when life seems to be settling down its all change!!

Thanks Vic xx


  • hi hun, oliver was really grumpy when he wouldnt have a nap and i would struggle to keep him awake til 6pm so he did sometimes go to bed about 5.15! and wake up at around 6am wich is earlier than his usual 7/7.30am.
    he only has one nap in the day now (around an hour midday)
    but if he wont go down its another very early bedtime.
    i give him his dinner at about 4pm if he hasnt slept during the day and around 5pm if he has. he is getting better at day naps now but still have the odd days when he wont, its really frustrating coz he is obviously tired and gets very grumpy .
    hope that helps hun and i hope ben gets back into his nap routine soon. xx
  • Hi Kirst.
    Thanks for replying.
    It's been hit and miss past few days wether he has nap or not but we've been doing what you do and giving him his tea bit earlier and putting him to bed bit earlier.
    It's so hard seeing him refusing to go to sleep cos I know he's tired and he just fights it and I feel so sorry for him.
    Hope you have a good Christmas. xxx
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