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cot bed bedding?

Hi ladies I posted this in 'baby' the thought I should probably have put it in here really!

This might be a odd question but when using a cot bed in toddler bed mode does a normal single duvet set fit on or is that too big?

What does eveyone else use once baby is 12 months? Millie is still using her grobags but think she will be grown out of them in a couple of months so need to sort out what to get......i want to get her something she can use in the cot but then in the bed mode too.....i have a feeling a single duvet is too big but dont know what else to use....i dont really want to get her any bigger grobags as would like her to get use to a duvet!



  • I use cot bed bedding as had some good deals - but most of it is really expensive especially if you want 100% cotton (like I do).

    You could use a single duvet and tuck it under the mattress. I think some mums do that on here.
  • I have normal single bedding on Shea's cot bed. Single flat sheets fit over the matress fine. Single duvets are quite big for cot beds but I tuck the excess down the side by the wall and fold the bottom over at the feet.
    Shea LOVES his pillow and duvet!!
  • i ws having the same bother yesterday as darren keeps waking up cold! so i had a spare single duvet and cut it in half then i sewed the edge! worked a treat and darren slept right through last night!
  • I've still got lo in a sleeping bag and as he's still happy in his cot and no hurry to be in a big bed I've not even considered bedding. (He's 18months)

    Any reason why I should change to duvet sooner rather than later ? Naz mentions she wished she'd done it earlier. Ta S x
  • Isaac is 14 months and we are still using grobags. I'm planning on using them until he outgrows them and then introduce a duvet in the winter so he get used to it before big boy bed! My LO gets hot very easily and with summer coming he'll be happier in his summer weight grobags. If you are planning on moving her to a bed before new baby then it will be good to get her used to using duvet before. x
  • We had the same problem, we use cot bed size bottom sheets and a single pillow and duvet but with the duvet sideways - that way its the perfect length for the cotbed and the other half just gets tucked under the side of the bed.
  • Alex is 20 months old and he is now shifted on a big bed and he really likes the colors of dbz bedding as I have chosen attractive and comfortable bedding for him.
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