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Hi everyone.

This is my first post in Toddler not sure im ready to be here yet as DD is only eleven months but is walking well!!! thought you ladies may be able to give me some advice!!!

Im going to visit a pre school tomorrow to start DD next October and was just after some advice on what to look for and any questions i should ask. This is the first one we are going to see. I have read the ofstead report which is great and have had aome good reccomendations from friends but im just not sure really what to expect.

Also what age did you or are you planning on your LO starting if you are planning on sending them to pre school? I wanted to start Grace when she is two as my mum will be looking after her when i go back to work next week and i would like her to have interaction with children her own age after spending the year with my mum. Do you think two is to young?

Thanks for your help
MicMic and Grace


  • hi there, my lo has been at a day nursery (private) from 6 months due to me going back to work and he starts his pre shcool next week the day after his 3rd birthday!! We've had his name down since he was 1 as its a very good school but he can not start before he's 3 and I know all the school nurserys in my area are the same, they are taken between 3-5 years. but 2 is fine for a private nursery, i thinks its great for their socialisation.

    I would ask about the curriculum they cover, spend a bit of time there too so you can see how the assistants deal with the lo's and if the other kids are happy and content there. I would also ask about all the activities they cover and if they have visits out and if others come into the school - my lo at his private nursery has had talks from police, lifeboat, fire engines come in etc adn they get taken to the beach, woods, park, shops etc

    I also fully believe in going with what feels right for you. if you're happy and content with teh nursery then lo will be!!

    good luck x
  • my ds1 is 3 and hes just starting nursery next monday,so i cant really offer you and advice but agree with claire a belle,if the school feels right then it will be,i remember my first thought of looking at ds1 nursery it was "i wanna stay and play" it looks sooooooo much fun and he loved it
  • My DD turned 3 on Thursday past and started pre school today and loved it. She got on brilliant and can't wait to go back tomorrow.
  • omg, we're using the same forum how did that happen!! I cannot believe how old our dd's are getting, I cannot think of your dd as a toddler !! Erin will be at pre school come jan, still haven't decided which one to send her to, whether it be the one near us or my mum's, she has been accepted for both. But I have seen loads now and you do just get a feel for them straight away, the one round the road from us didn't have a good vibe at all. but the one a bit further away was great. Let me know how you got on
    x x x
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