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when did everyone make the move from cot to first bed?

hi all, i have a 22month old he has always been a brilliant sleeper and loves his cot. he has a cot bed so i have all the bits to change it into a bed he seems ready but im in 2 minds whether to do it or not ust wondering when everyone decided it was time??


  • Hi, my toddler was around 18months when we changed her cot into a bed. This was after she climbed out of the cot and fell onto the floor!
    We put a tomy bed guard on the side of the cotbed, and a stairgate on the bedroom door.
    Hopefully, if your little boy is good at bedtime he may adapt well to a bed. I used to give my little one a sticker in the morning if she was good and stayed in her bed all night.
    Good luck to you. x
  • Hi laurajayne

    I moved my little girl from her cot to a big bed at 19mths because she kept climbing out of her cot & I was afraid of her getting hurt. I usd one of the tomy bedrails to stop her falling out.
    Shes now 22mths old & is great & loves her big bed. Fortunately we have never had any problems keeping her in it

    Good Luck
  • Hi we moved our little boy into a bed at 18 months as he had not only learnt how to climb out of the cot but also how to climb back in lol, we put a bed guard on his bed and he loves it, we also let him choose his bedding so he thought that it was great to have bob the builder on his bed!!!
  • I put my son into a bed with a bed guard at about 26 months and he was fine. Took some persuading to get him to stay in it on nights when he wasn't that tired but he soon learnt to stay in it. I only did it then because I was 7 months pregnant so needed the cot for next baby and wanted him to be used to his bed and not feel like baby was taking his cot! I didn't realise other people did it so much earlier! But then he never learnt to climb out of his cot so it wasn't a problem
  • i thought the tomy bed guards only went on divans, wat a relief! im hoping to get my lo in a bed at 18m as i will have baby no4 by then and thought a divan wld be too high
  • wow everyone sounds like it worked for them my lo loves bed time so im going to get him some thomas bed clothes as that is his favourite tv programme at the moment, will try it during this week need to get a one of those tomy bed guards first x
  • Ok, Daft question
    Once your lo is 'big enough' to move out of their cot, do you go for a regular sixe single or the smaller single/cot bed's?

    My daughters cot was hand made and doesn't convert into a bed, so was just wondering what to go for nearer the time she wants a 'big girls bed'?
  • i put my lo into an ordinary single bed at 22mths. I let him pick a duvet cover (postman pat...who else?!!) and he helped me prepare the bed etc and showed everyone who came into the hose for the next week! he loved it and had no problem.
  • i put my lo in her big bed when she was 10mths old because she kepted climbing out of the cot i didnt use a bed guard as bed is only 6 inches off the floor i placed the cot mattress on the floor just in case but she has never fallen out to this day
  • i wouldnt bother with a small single. we have a cotbed (because it was a great price) which we will take the sides off when the time comes, but we want another baby who will need the cot so we will then get her a proper single.
  • hi, i changed my little girls cot into a cot bed when she was 15 months then she went into a single bed at 18 months. but i put a duvet on the floor next to her bed and half the time when i went in to her room in the mornings she was asleep on that or the floor, but she didnt care. our heating pipes ran under her floor so she used to sleep on that spot lol.
    good luck. xx
  • I moved my son into a single bed when he was about 20 months as was expecting my 2nd and wanted him well settled in new bed and new room before my daughter arrived. I put the bottom of the bed into the corner, the headboard was out in the floor and a rail down the other side. That meant he was boxed in on all sides. I also put a little chair at the bottom of the bed where the rail finished so that he could use it for climbing in and out. He took to it brilliantly and was really good. After a couple of months we turned the bed round so that the headboard was against the wall. He is just over 3 now and doesn't have a rail anymore.
  • We just moved our daughter a few weeks ago few days after her 2nd birthday, we put her cot bed up against the wall & got a wooden guard from mothercare for the other side, she can easily climb in & out of it on a morning but strangely enough never does on a night, think she is that used to going to bed in a cot & not getting out that she doesnt associate getting out of bed during the night, she will play & sing anything up to an hour after going to bed but never gets out, i do try to make it as dark as possible in her room tho with only a small night light she has on her monitor, and as soon as we go in the next morning & the light goes on she is straight out. Its funny that she doesnt do that on a night she just doesnt. She loves her big girls bed too. Hope you have lots of luck too xx
  • think i'm gonna move Freddie into his cotbed, as he has started to try & climb out of it (in cot mode). can you still fix bed rails to a cot bed? hope so. i'm going to also put a stair gate on his bedroom door & remove all "hazardous" things from his bedroom, just in case. what do you all do about nursery furniture (chest of drawers etc). should these be fixed to the wall to prevent them being toppled over, what about the drawers? help!
  • im putting LO in his cotbed tom night wish me luck!! he is 15 months x just been and got his duvet and pillow from toys r us today x
  • I made the move just over 2 weeks ago, my daughter was 21months at the time and is now 22months. I only done it because she climbed out(well more like fell out) and didnt want to chance her doing it again. I would have waited until her 2nd birthday otherwise x
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