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Any ideas how to stop lo waking at 4am?

Hi ladies,

my lo's been waking at 4am for about a month now. It doesn't matter how late his bedtime he'll still be up at the crack of dawn so we put him down about 6pm, at least then he gets a good 10 hours and we get some relaxation time too!

He needs more sleep than this though as he's ready for his nap at 6am so I think this is technically a night waking still.

He just won't go back to sleep, he wakes up happy and ready to start the day, if you leave him, he starts crying. We've got a blackout blind up.

Do you think he'll sleep later once the light mornings stop or is there anything we should or could be trying to help him, thankyou!xx


  • Hi - stanley went though a phase of doing this due to light mornings, made him very grumpy in the day (and me too at 29 weeks pregnant!) We have a blackout blind and heavy lined curtains too, but it is so light even the chinks that get over the top of the roller blind and around the top were enough to wake him, so we got some bin liners and masking tape and literally taped his blind to his window so there is NO light at all! it looks like his nursery is a crack den (lol) but its worked!

    The first night we did it he slept till 7am and it has been between 6.30 and 8am since..bliss!! And he's back to his usual self too..(he always goes to bed at 7pm and naps 12-2.30 btw at 22 months)

    Is always worth a try..needs to be so dark that even in the day its dark. Good luck!x
  • Thanks loubeelou,

    we changed our living room curtains last month, they're thick and dark brown so we've put one up in his room tonight, it's very dark in there now, fingers crossed it makes a difference-I'll let you know if it works! Thanks again x
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