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How do you teach a 1 year old "Naughty"

DS keeps throwing his lunch on the floor. I say no and tell him its naughty and he just cries. Then does it again !!!!


  • Personally, I really don't like the word "naughty". I'll admit, the word has sometimes slipped out when I reprimand my toddler, but I try not to use it. As he gets older, I don't want it to have an effect on his self esteem ... sitting there thinking by himself that he is a "naughty child". I'd much rather try and emphasise that the ACT he's doing is not good - and not that HE is a naughty boy.

    Anyway, you cannot laugh or smile when you tell your DS off for doing something. Hold a stern face and say no in a stern voice too. We use baby sign language, so we use the sign for "no" too, which seems to be working... for now at least.
  • like venus i have used the naughty word on occassion but i try and stick use No in a stern voice. They learn what No means earlier. Just say No, you don;t throw your tea on the floor.

    My dd went through this at one point, tended to be when she didnt want anymore. We just said No and took her bowl away. If she made out that she wanted her food, we just said if you want your food then you eat it, you do not throw it on the floor.
    If he repeats it and then cries when you take it away, just ignore him. He will be doing it for attention, so if you say no or ignore he should get bored and stop.

    Being stern and looking at him at eye level and keeping a straight face are important. My husband at times i have to tell him off or tell him to look away as hes the type of person who will smile/giggle if my daughter tries to be cheeky! Not very sueful when you are teaching right from wrong!
  • I agree with the others. I don't think he would understand naughty. Try not to react or he will think it's a game. Just calmy pick up what he has dropped or ignore it, but don't give it back to him.
  • I've given up saying no! Oz throws his food on the floor all the time! Normally when he's had enough. If he's hungry he'll eat it, if not it goes on the floor and I clear it up later.

    With other things we just say no and sometimes he listens! It's a phase I believe as with everything else! Isaac at nearly 3 doesn't throw any food on the floor any more!

  • Thanks - that's really helpful. I do say no and I point my finger which he is learning means no - sometimes I an point sternly and he knows it means no!

    I'll keep going with the giving it to him a couple of times and then taking it away. I just worry because for example yesterday, he didn't even have one piece of sandwich so I was worried he wouldn't eat any lunch ...
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