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what do think of this bed - too early??

Morning ladies

a friend of mine has recently got a new bed for her 3 1/2 year old from argos and then two weeks later a delivery van turned up with a second bed exactly the same!! She told him that she's already had it delivered but he said his job was to deliver it and thats it, So she phoned argos who had no record of delivering a second bed and won't pick it up!! So she has two beds the same and she said I can have one for Shea and just need to buy a mattress!!! Wey Hey!!

He's still in his toddler bed with a guard at mo, but am thinking about re decorating his room and getting him a normal single bed, but this is a mid sleeper and wonder if its still too high and dangerous for him!! What do you think ladies, appropriate for a 3 year old or not??|category_root|Home+and+furniture|14417894/c_2/3|14417894|Beds|14418191/c_3/4|cat_14418191|Children's+beds|15350118.htm

opinons needs - thanks!! xx


  • i would take it anyway. you could see if your lo was able to get in/out of your friends childs bed before you build it up and if he is still a bit wee then keep it flat packed for a while til he is ready ( thats is there is space to keep it!)
  • Not sure how you'd know but does he bump against the bed guard a lot, is he a wriggler and mover in his sleep ?

    Does he get out of bed of his own accord in middle of night morning etc ?

    Honestly, I'd probably say wait a bit. Maybe that's just me cos Archie still in cot at nearly 22months.

    Seems like too good an offer to pass on. Do you have anywhere you could store it for a while ? S x
  • hi, yeah hubby isn't too keen on having it stuck in his garage but its too good an opportunity to say no to!!

    I think i'll take lo over to friends and let him have a go and see if he likes it. its 80cm high so i'm just not sure yet!!
  • he used to be a wriggler but if I go in his room at night now he seems to be in the same place i left him. I never hear him banging against the guard and I probably could take that off now without an issue.

    as for getting out of bed, he has NEVER got out of his bed once he's gone to bed and has only just started getting out of his bed on his own accord in mornings in the last couple of weeks

    god I hate dilemmas!!
  • I think it is fine for a 3 year old. Just put a softer rug next to it a couple of pillows for the first couple of nights.

    My boy is almost 23 months and he can confidently climb off something of that hight with ease.

    Also for him not to roll out during nightime (seeing how fitting a bed guard would be a little bit tricky on that bed), just roll a big towel in a tube and put it under the sheet near the edge, even a very low barrier like that will keep him from rolling out when he sleeps.

    Also, for him to get in and out a wee bit better, get this - (just put some antislip strips on the legs of it, so it cant easily slip around if you ve got wooden floors)

    I think it is a fab bed and lots of storage!

    Take the bed!!!
  • ah thanks foxoo, the towel idea is a good one and I love the stool from Ikea, it goes really well!!
  • What a bargain - lucky you!

    Like all things, I don't know to be honest - I can never imagine lo at any age other than the age he is now, but for him, I think the bed would be too high at 3 years old. That is because he is still in his cotbed with the sides on, as he seems completely happy with it. And until 2 months ago, he still wore grobags for bed!

    I am sure Shea will be very excited by it though!
  • A fab bed and a great bargain!! Get it anyway and store it if it turns out to be too high for him!!
    I'm sure he'll be fine though, he's been in his bed for a while hasn't he? Take the guard off and see how he gets on, if he doesn't fall out then I'm sure the new bed will be great!!
  • Very jealous! I looked at this bed recently for DD's room as she doesn't have much space and the storage would be a bonus but decided that at just over 2 she's a bit small for it. I'm sure Shea will be fine though, he's that bit older and sounds quite grown up from your posts. Safe to say if someone offered me a free one I'd bite their hand off lol!! Xx
  • I'm coming from the other side here. My husband is a non sleeper and has a 12 hour clock. Practically 24 hours a day to fill for me. Could never find anything to do between 1am and 6am that was quiet, having some consideration for neighbours. He was never tired and could not understand how washed out and utterly exhausted I was. He is now in a nursing home and his nightly pacing and wanting to do is taken care of by his 1:1 carer but unfortunately my brain needs reprogramming as it has forgotten how to get me to sleep again after years of no sleep. There were times when I just wished for a little time to myself even if I used it to sleep. Funny old life we lead as carers.

    Bargin Beds

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