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Toddler equipment (monitor) on holiday

As it's the holiday season another holiday question.

We're going to Spain in 6 wks. We're staying in a villa (owned by a friend's mum) so we're going to hire a cot and some stair gates while there.

But it just occured to me- will my baby monitor work on holiday ? I assume I'll need an adaptor to plug it in. (it's a BT 150)
They offer various other things for hire too. So should I hire a monitor ?

They arrange a packet of nappies too but I think I'm just going to take as many as posisble and then buy when we arrive (bound to be cheaper). Ta S x


  • Really ?

    no one knows if my monitor will work on holiday ?
  • Never stayed in a villa with los but as long as you've got the correct adaptor plug I can't see any reason why it wouldn't work. Would've thought it's the same as taking any other electrical appliance. Oooo, actually, thinking about it, we did take DS's monitor when we stayed at my brother's house in Switzerland a couple of years back and it worked fine through the adaptor.
  • Mine has always worked fine when we've been to France, just with a standard adaptor. I think ours is a Tomy one (we haven't used it since we went on holiday last year so I can't really remember!) but I woudl imagine they're all the same in this respect.

    Enjoy planning your holiday! We are going away soon too (France again with a big group of friends and their children) and I am sooooo looking forward to it!
  • Mine worked fine in Bulgaria with a adapter hun (had the monitor on the balcony as the doors where sound proof and had to shut them while she napped as it was so noisy around the pool etc) Its only things like hair dryers, straighteners etc that suffer slightly with the heating element as sometimes the power isn't enough but a monitor will be fine xx
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