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hi girls hope we and our toddlers are all well!1

after some advice regarding tv. brooke watches loads of it it is on all day even as background noise. she has to have it on she has a tantrum when it is turned off and just keeps swithing it on herself. i read the other day they should watch no more than 2 hours a day! anyone elses child have cbeebies on every waking hour?! how can i get her out of the habit of watching it. she wants it on all the time at other peoples houses too. we play together and read together and have fun but god forbid the tv goes off! even when she is interacting doing other things she still has to have it on! music is no good its like she will keep it on all day just in case something comes on that she wants to watch.

so fat today i have managed to keep it off for about half hour before the tantrums started and she realised it wasnt on. xx


  • Cbeebies is always on! Its either that or Jeremy Kyle (although Sam also enjoys that :roll: )

    He doesnt watch it properly most of the time, its just background noise, he also likes dancing to the music lol

    Sorry no helpful advice :\(

    x x x
  • god i wish i could watch jeremy kyle or something i want to watch! no chance! if it aint cbeebies or er dvd she will have a paddy!! x
  • Ah I got sam into jeremy kyle at an early age haha

    Its very educational for the little ones! ;\)

    Our tv is up on our wall and the controls are hidden away in a locked drawer, if they werent I would bet I would have the same problem!!

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  • I sky+ a couple of programs like In the night garden and third and bird and she watches those but apart from the breakfast news I have the tv off during the day. Neve does like a bit of background noise and music so I put story or song cds on for her and then she goes about her playing quite happily.

    How old is Sam?
  • We have the TV on all day - against my better judgement! Like Brooke, Lily wants the TV on all the time, but she doesn't actually sit and watch it all the time, so I'm not overly concerned. It's like she just wants it on for back ground noise. We're constantly tuned into Playhouse Disney, except when we switch over to cbeebies for in the night garden. She will play with her toys, sit and read books and wonder about getting up to mischief, but the TV is always on and if it's not she'll stand in front of it, pointing and chuntering away. I do try and have tv-time off and I will take her up into her bedroom for some play (there's no TV upstairs), and she goes out and about in the push chair every day but yes I'm afraid Lily is a bit of a telly addict too.

  • Lottie - Sam is 15 months old :\)

    He isn't 'seriously' into JK but he dances when the theme tune comes on and recognizes Jeremys terrible lol :lol: I watched it alot whilst pregnant and when sam was a newborn so its maybe why hehe

    Poor kid!

    Oh is trying to get him to take an interest in top gear but he clearly enjoys mummys choice of tv programs ;\) x
  • LMAO I can't believe he dances to the Jeremy Kyle theme tune! You could always look at it as using it to show him how not to be when he grows up!
  • I'm glad you brought this topic up as I am worried Kady watches a lot of tv! Like the others it is usually on in the background even if he isn't watching it all the time. His fave is baby tv or cbeebies lol.

    He does play with toys while it is on but it is useful for distracting him when you need to get on with things.

    I personally don't think it does a great deal of harm so long as they aren't glued to it constantly!
  • I try and keep the tv to a reasonable amount but my Dad likes it on so when they look after him (2x Week) he gets to see a bit more. The funny thing is my LO is now wanting to watch the most peculiar things.... he loves Deal or No Deal! Even if he is playing, everything stops so he can clap after each box. If he is having quiet time and it's on he looks at the screen and I swear he understands what's happening.. he even pulls a funny face if they choose a bad box. He's 19mnths old but maybe he'll be a banker when he grows up.
  • LOL, my tv is always on but as Sonny goes to cm he only gets exposed to it between 8-8.45am & then from 4.30pm till 7pm when cbeebies is on. But like others lo he doesn't really watch it unless somethign catches his eye then he goes & stands about an inch away from the screen!!!

    Only thing I can suggest is to switch off the plug 7 then when lo gets up in the mornig just dont' switch the tv on. If she has a paddy then let her get on with it. SKY+ some favored shows then let her watch one as a treat/reward for being good then turn off the tv again. Eventually she will get used ot it not being on all the time.
    Sonny mainly prefers theme tunes than the actual programs so have a dance when they start then goes back to whatever he is doing.
  • our tv was always on in the background till about a month ago when I thought enough was enough. The boys would switch it back on so I would pull the pug out of the socket( dont let them c u do it coz they might try and put it bk in)

    If my boys have tantrums I leave them to get on with it. They will eventually stop whether its 5 mins or 55 mins I leave them. If you dont want to do that then you could always try sayin its broken and let her push the on/off button(proof LOL) and say you'll get daddy to fix it later. Its better to do it now then deal with a child that wants TV 24/7. Good luck xx
  • that is a good idea to unplug it. if i switch it off brooke just switches it on again! lol... think i will try unplugging it i let her watch it until we go up to get ready after breakfast then its broken when we come down then she can have it back on before bed when daddy comes home and fixes it!!! .. will let u know how i get oN! xx
  • Nessellis - LOL - Matthew loves Deal or no Deal too and he claps when they do too!!
  • I only just noticed that she 'might' be interested in watching In The Night Garden :lol:
    she just doesn't care about the tv,and because she wont sit still for more then 5 seconds it wasn't reallyan issue.
    However,i can tell she likes ITNG and was thinking of getting her a tiny tvfor her room so she can watch it before she goes to bed- 15mins max at this age.
    She is 17 mths.
  • I don't mind a wee bit of tv but too much isn't good surely??
    We have it on for an hour or so in the morning then the bedtime hour on cbeebies and that's it. She also won't be having a tv in her room till she's a lot older. My friends little boy could operate a dvd and tv by the time he was 2 as he had one in his own room, yet he couldn't do the simplest 2 piece jigsaw! I don't think that's right!
  • Hiya I don't see the problem if it's just on in the backround, when you're at home. As long as they aren't glued to the screen 24/7!

    We usually watch cbeebies in the morning for an hour or so (balamory, me too and big cook little cook :lol: ) then we go out and it doesn't go on again until about 4 Max watches tv while i cook dinner it keeps him entertained and I know where he is! So I'd say it's quite a good thing image
  • Hi im glad this was posted as Benji does have the tv on quite abit,though like most mummies are saying it does tend to be in the background while he potters about playing ect...though certain programes entertain him and he will stand an inch or so away from the screen,but it lets me get on with jobs lol!
    I think they only frown about it because it could in effect stip children having the time nedded spent on them,ie-one on one time playing and reading,time with other children and time outdoors!I think if Ben gets all of this as he does then abit of tv wont do any harm!
  • Absolutely! When I was younger I used to love watching cartoons!
    I was having this discussion with some other mums whose children are a bit older, and they said they could tell which children were'nt allowed tv at home because all they wanted to do when they came round was watch tv all the time.
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  • Agree!!!!I remember cartoons i used to watch as a child and its a big part of my childhood!ok i admit i was alot older than my son is now and tbh honest cant remember stuff i watched till i was about 6 or 7!lol
    There are too many "rules" nowadays about what is best for children but as long as common sense is used i think just do the best you can and what you think is right!
  • Hi, I am glad this was posted on here! My son is 16 months now and loves the TV! We have a baby group on nearly everyday and obviously fit in naps and meals but if we are in the front room the TV is always on. In the morning we normally have C-beebies on to keep him busy while i get breakfast ready and bags ready for wherever we're going that day. Then we'll normally have some baby group then back for lunch and nap but afternoons the TV goes back on. He will get up close and really watch certain programmes like Peppa Pig and ITNG and Balamory but most others he just likes as background noise while pushing his cars around and colouring etc. I also try to fit in one of my programmes each day to show him he doesn't just get his. I think C-beebies is fantastic and he has learned many of his words from it. Shows like Balamory and Me Too show them different social situations and different types of people so I think they can learn a lot from it. I really believe he takes a lot in from it and if I felt he was just staring blankly at it i'd turn it off. I think as long as you fit in other activities like we do and other quiet things at home like reading, colouring, it is just another great learning tool for them.

    At the end of the day we work hard as mums and the TV also gives us some peace to get some lunch, do the washing up or whatever for 5 minutes and that is a good thing!

    Amy. x
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