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Nursery at 17months???

Im due my little girl on the 16th October, My son is 17months old he doesnt get to interact with any other kids his age and is with me all day, i remember last year when my friend had her little girl her midwife/health visitor refered her to the nursery as her son was just 2 and didny interact with much kids either, id like david to have some friends and see other kids as i dont want him getting realy jelouse and lashing out as he is quite a mummys boy, i dont know wether to go to the nursery and ask or to go to my health visitor and ask her, cant aford to go private so dont know what to do???



  • Hi, my lo started nursery at 18 months and she loves it. She went in two afternoons a wk to start with and she really enjoyed it so she now goes 3 afternoons. It gets her in the company of other children and it wont be as much of a shock for her when she goes to proper nursery at 3 years. If you get working tax credit 80% of private nursery fees are paid for you.

    Lisa x
  • I've got a 15month little man and he loves nursery when I take him to the shops or the park and he meets his little nursery friends he makes me well jealous. We've got a tiny tots group too 1 morning a week where all the non working mums/ part time mums go with their under 3's.
    It costs ??1 a morning and is a really good way to meet other mums and for your little one to socialise at the same time as you being there to see how he's getting on and not to have to worry about him being upset at being left like at a nursery.
    You could ask your health visitor if there's any groups like that near you

    Good Luck
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