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How bad is this?

None of my 3 are even dressed yet! :lol: They are all happily playing in their pjs.

That's the summer holidays for you!!!



  • Thats sounds super.....wish my three were that willing to relax lol!!
    So far today we have walked two miles to and from town to get a bit of shopping, had an early lunch as they were starving after all the walking/running/jumping and hopping they did alllllllllllllllll the way there and back lol!
    I have done all my house work and am just waiting for the washing machine to finish.
    And so then it will be a trip to the field with the dog and the at 2.30 half an hour in the library.
    maybe a run to the park before tea.....gets them shattered for bed time too....super lol!!:lol:
  • Omg Babs you have been busy - puts me to shame! lol ;\)

    Still not dressed them - its so unusual for them to play together so nicely, I don't want to break the spell!

    Will have to take them out this afternoon though - otherwise we'll all get cabin fever lol - run to the park sounds a good idea for me too - burn off some of the excess energy mine always have!

    I've been a naughty mummy too - normally I would use this time to get the house all ship shape, but I've been on BE most of the time!!!

    Must go clean the kitchen :roll:

    Mims xxxxxxxxx
  • I always get everything done even on a school day before I leave the house at 8.20am, housework/washing on etc. Mainly because having three children you never know how wrong your day could turn out lol!!!
    Also that means I have the rest of the day to either play or relax depending on how the kids are lol!

    I must admit they all have caught my "early bird bug" I love being up and out of the house first thing in the morning, hardly any other people and no traffic and lots of fresh air, my idea to a great start to the day.
    Yesterday we were in the woods by 8 am in the pooring rain dressed in old jeans, welly boots and rain coats with the dog, watching the rabbits and pheasents three were in absolute heaven. mind you my washing machine didnt thank me when I got home though lol!!

    I am glad you are having a nice day hun, is it the calm before the storm I always think lol lol!!!!!
  • Must admit, although I'm enjoying my lazy day today, I'm with you on the early bird bit!

    Normally the school run gets me up and organised nice and early, otherwise it's too stressy getting them all out of the house lol. When we do days out, shopping etc I always like to get there super early to avoid the crowds.

    Walking in the woods in the rain sounds fun! Your poor washing machine lol!

    Still playing happily here - but all dressed now lol - but going to interrupt them and take them to the because I have an 'going out of the house every day' rule for school holidays (otherwise I go a bit funny image)

    Hope you're enjoying your day!

    Mims xxxxxxx
  • Hi i am the same i like to be up and sorted first thing in the morning and school time usually does this but the kids have been sleeping later so i get a lie in which makes me lazy for the day lol

    I do all my house work and tidying, washing when they are in bed as with a 1 yr old and a 22 month old following me around making a mess i never get anything done apart from hanging the washing out. I just pop on here first thing then get sorted and after James's nap and some lunch i try to take them out in the afternoon to the river or the park even just to the shop, it helps.

    Dd is learning to ride her bike properly as my mum bought her a new one for her birthday and when she does this we can take her on bike rides which will be nice.
    vikki xx
  • see we are all so alike lol!!!

    My two girls both are getting new bikes for birthday or xmas so I shall be waddling up the road after them with a huge bump lol!!!
    DS goes wizzing on his bike , it scares the hell out of me lol!!! I cant remember being quite that adventurous on mine at 7+1/2 yrs old!!!

    Been out to the field with the dog today but the workers are re-tarmacking all the roads round the village and the stink is awful, not much makes my tummy queesy but this is gggrrooosssss so I think a lazy day at home and then in the garden for a few games later on xxx

    enjoy the rest of your week ladies xxx
  • The tarmac must stink, it makes me feel sick and im not even pg, i can just see you now waddling after them lol

    Ellie can ride it but not so well as she is scared of falling off even with her helmet on so daddy has been having to run behind her, but he lets go and she is alright until she realises he's let go.

    My weekend is gonna be fun i have MIL ang SIL comming to visit MIL is here for 2 weeks and SIL here for the weekend as other SIL has just had a baby so we will have the whole lot roll up here on sat what fun.
    hope you enjoy you're week take care vikki xx
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