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not eating

hie there
My son is refusing to eat solid food he only drinks milk I have tried to starve him on milk but its not helping he wont it a thing . He is 19 months I took him to the doctor sometime ago the doctor said he is fine am now worried is there anything that could improve his appetite he is losing so much weight.


  • hi rutih. welcome to the forum. x How much weight is your son losing a week/month? does he play and have interest in games etc? If he does then I'd say don't worry/stress over it too much as this could be working against you! If he picks up from you that you really want him to est he might just be not eating to be "in charge" so to speak. :\) Has he ever eat solids? what has he ate in the past? maybe if you stil keep to regular meal times and maybe just sit him in his highchair and 'ignore him', you get on with either cooking/cleaning etc and see if he'll pick up any food as there isn't any pressure on him... but you're still around in case he chokes etc. :\) does he have full fat milk? is so maybe you could change him over to a formula as they will provide iron/vitamins too. the doctor can prescribe a build up forumla which is for poorly babies that can't eat, but I'm sure you really want the eating problem solved. your doctor doesn't seem worried but I always trust mums instinct, maybe keep a diary of what he has ate & what weight he's lost etc & then go back to DR's. then it will be easier than you saying he's not eating, you can show him in black & white... sorry for the long reply! lol :\)
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