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Shutting doors

I'm hoping for a bit of advice...
Spencer keeps shutting/slamming doors. Not only am I worried about him catching his fingers but I plain and simple don't like it!
He generally walks into a room first and then will close the door behind him, therefore shutting me out. When I re-open the door he has a massive grin on his face and tries to shut it again. I have tried saying NO very firmly and pushing the door as far open as it will go but then it just becomes a game. I have even left him alone in the room he closed himself in, he reached the handle and opened the door himself (at least I know he'll never accidently shut himself in!).

Any tips on how I can get him to stop?

Liz x


  • Hi I've no idea how you could get him to stop but I do know how to make it safe. I don't know what they're called but with any luck someone on here will .... But you can get these door wedgie things made of foam that slot over the side of the door so that when it's 'closed' it won't close. Which means no tiny fingers can get caught. I've seen them in either asda or tesco sorry I'm pretty useless today LOL but hopefully you'll know what I mean.
  • Just ebayed it they're called door safety stoppers there a foam ones and clip on ones hth
  • Cheapest & quickest way is to put a rolled up a tea towel over the top of the door near the joint. When lo tries to slam the door it wont close & lo wont catch their fingers.
  • i have door stoppers on the bedroom doors as brooke likes to shut them. after a few days of realizing she cant she dont bother anymore. so beebees idea seems the best and cheapest coz u might not need to keep them on fr long. i have the foam ones on mine x
  • The ones ive seen are about ??1 each but if a towel would work I guess no need
  • I have some of those foam door wotsits but haven't ever used them as we either shut the doors to keep cole in or he can't get to the door cuase of the baby gate. The only exception is the front door which he's shut in peoples faces several times but I don't mind that as its usually the door to door religious people that I don't want to talk to anyway!!

    Will remember the towel trick though for the future!! Cheap is good image
  • I got a set in poundstretcher or some where like that for ??1.99 that has plug covers, door protectors, corner covers, things for cupboard doors and for the toilet seat as Rhys always shuts doors but doesn't know how to open them again then sits on the other side so we can't open them. His favourite though is putting things in the toilet he's obsessed!!!!
  • Mym mum has then but only coz her bedroom doors slam shut with the slighest breeze and like me she doesn't like doors closed. My mil made her own. She has sewn a cresent shap out of wadding and material and tired them with elastic to the door handles. The look really nice.

    Freya is the same. If the door is closed she will open it, if it is open she will close it. Same with lids, draws, toys. She like to do the oposit. LoL

    KErry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
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