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just wondering how much milk a toddler should be getting per day?

DD is 20 months and has never been a big milk drinker but she is dropping the amount of milk she has. we are now down to

5oz in ready brek
2 munch bunch yogurts (equivalent of 100ml milk or so it says on the pot)
i offer her a cup of milk at breakfast and before bed and between the 2 she will have about 3-4oz
i put dairylea into things like spag bol and ravioli

she eats like a horse so i am not worried about that thankfully, its just the calcium thing that worries me.


  • My lo is 20 months and has milk on her cereal, a yoghurt, some cheese and milk with her supper. She's never been a huge fan of milk either. I you are concerned you can get calcium from veggies too. I think brocolli and cabbage are the best. You also get calcium from anything that's fortified so ready brek, weetabix and biscuits aimed at babies. Maybe try offering her a cheese snack like babybel or a mullerice for a bit of extra dairy.
  • toby won't drink any milk but likes chesse and yogurts. i found a good web site called little plates where you put in all the food/drinks they have eaten in a day and it works out if they have had the right amount of protien dairy e.c.t . toby had the right amount of calcium from what i thought was only a small amount of yogurt and cheese
  • they should have at least 1 pint per day, or equivalent in dairy foods. Paul ahs loads of milk and we mostly use greek yogurt as there's no sugar in it, he loves it.
  • thanks, just checked the little plates and all seems ok with the amounts she is having
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