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Think I need another new changing bag... :-)

Hiya girls

Long time, no speak... Have been moving house and it's been a bit stressful..

So, I think I have an obsession with finding the perfect changing bag image

First I had an OiOi one - it was a large tote one which was brill when Doodle was smaller, but now it's too big and gathering dust under her cot..

Then I had a Pink Lining messenger one - great size etc but no top zip which meant that small hands got into it on a regular basis and ate things from it! Sold it on ebay as it had hardly been used...

Next I had a Lin & Leo in chocolate brown. This is my favourite of them all, but now I'm just using a Maclaren Stroller, it's very heavy. So this is under the cot gathering dust at the moment..

Most recent is the Boden baby bag in blue and white spots... This is a lovely bag - it's got a yellow lining and is quite lightweight. Problem with this is that it's too big with too many big pockets!!! I'm a control freak and like things to be just so (very OCD!) and it's drives me crazy that the pockets all look the same...

So, I'm contemplating selling them all and trying to find the PERFECT bag without spending the world - so far, I reckon I've spent about ??500 on bloody changing bags!!!! Arghhhhhhh...

So, come on then - the perfect bag, with small perfectly formed pockets (but not too many of them!) is ....????? Help me!!!!

C xxx


  • I have no suggestions but will be watching this thread with interest....
    I can always be tempted into a new changing bag image
  • ??500 on changing bags wow!!!

    sorry not much help as i got rid of our changing bag ages ago,wasnt anything special either,there was a thread on baby about this not that long ago but i cant remember whos post it was sorry x

    good luck finding your bag tho x
  • I had a silver cross messenger bag that came with the pram, then I had a black and White one that looked like a small holdall from next which was about ??35. Now I use a fiorelli handbag that quite large. ??500 is a lot of money to spend on change bags!! How much longer will you be using one for? My lo is 20 months which is why I just throw the esentials in my handbag.
  • Thanks girls..

    I decided to work out how much I'd actually spent rather than plucking a figure out of the air (!!) and it's just under ??300 so not as bad... Plus I sold one of them for ??30 already and will sell the others now I've moved and got sorted.. There, I don't feel so guilty now image

  • We just used the Boots parenting club changing bag when she was smaller but now she has a Peppa Pig rucksack all of her own. Either that or I chuck a nappy, some wipes and some snacks in a big handbag and go out looking like a proper grown up again lol!!!
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