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hi, new to the site, thank god i've found a site where mums can share info.
Problem is my 4 year old thinks the baby toys are all his (coz most of them were!) and takes them off the l/o. The l/o is also fasinated with the older toys and trys to grab them whenever he can, even though he can't crawl or sit up yet (he's almost 7 months) he stil manges to get around! Didn't think i'd be having this problem til he was running around!
Any advice?


  • hi, i have a 3 year old daughter and son is 7 months, and they are exactly the same, he rolls about the floor trying to get her dolls and she gives off at him lol. its normal i suppose it teaches them to interact so its a good thing. i think its going to be a nightmare when youngest is on his feet :\(
    take care.
  • My oldest daughter and my son r terrible for aguing over toys if my son is playing with his then my daughter has to have them and visa versa it drives me up the wall
  • guess its just a fact of life then! at least i know i'm not alone!
  • hi. i have 5 kids and they will not share. my 4 year old is the worse. he thinks all the toys are his. he goes to mother and toddler groups and nursery but it still doesn't help with the sharing thing, and you would think that being 1 of 5 kids he would share easily but this isn't so. i know he will even out soon as have my 2 older boys.xxxx
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