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getting him in his own bed

many others are or have had this problem, our boy did got through a stage of sleeping in his own bed and through the night aswel. Now he wont he likes to be in ours and joins us in the night. I am very terrible at it as i will give in very easily seems best option at that time as i have wrk everyday at 6am so i just give in so we can have some sleep.

Any advice anyone can give? have you been through this and what is the situation like now?


  • Hi

    Been through this a few times and basically there is no easy answer! The two things we have used is controlled crying and the other being sleeping on the floor next to his cot for a few nights while he adjusts. Either way, you cant crack it until your determined. I would suggest starting on a friday night so the worst is over by monday.

    Good Luck x
  • hi same, advise as baby cakes really, I did cc at 11months as I was back at work and dead on my feet, so I booked a week off work and did it then, had it cracked within 3/4 days

    you have to do it tho for your own sanity!! have a mantra "I can be strong and I won't give in" something like that!! do you have oh / hubby's support?? you both need to be on board and strong and you'll soon have a contented lo going to bed and staying there!!

    I also recomend a stair gate on lo's door so he can not get out of his room at night!!

  • thank u, my husband is great he'll stick to it im the problem, but yes think should book week off to try and crack it really.
  • you sound just like me!! it was my hubby who was the stronger one too - usually is!!

    I can remember him saying that it was ridiculous that I was so tired and that I had to be strong and give it go. The first night lo started winging i just wanted to run upstairs to him but it was hubby who held me down in the living room!!!
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