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reward charts help please

hi. we've just started to use a reward chart for my very very very fussy/problem eater. she's just turned two and hardly eats anything. her dietician has suggested we try it to see if it helps. she gets to choose a sticker if she eats her food. at the min we only offer a sticker if she eats her lunch or tea as she is very good at eating breakfast. i'm not sure if we should actually be giving her a sticker for her breakfast as she is eating it and would maybe help her associatre eating and getting a sticker as a reward. my partner says we shouldn't give one as breakfast isn't the problem.
also last night tea time was a complete nightmare but i stayed calm and persevered. in the end i got her to eat one spoonful of her chicken and tomato rice. it was a new dish for her and after a full blown tantrum i was pleased she'd actually tried some. she left it in her mouth for about 2 seconds then spat it out. i allowed her a sticker cos she tried it. i then took it away and geve her some raisons and strwaberries, which she ate half of. my partner isn't happy i gave her a sticker because she didn't actually eat her tea. i think she deserved it because she tried it in the end.
what does everyone else do or think?

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  • I think you were right to give her a sticker. She tried something new and if she is a fussy eater that deserves a reward. If it were me I would have done the same, then next time she only gets a sticker if she swallows it, the for two spoonfulls so she is having to try a bit more every time. Hope she start to improve soon. Millie normally eats ok but she goes through phases of refusing everything and I know how stressful it is!
    Kerry xx
  • hi,my20mnth old daughter hardley eats ive tried various things none of which work,shes been to the doc and hv they just tell me she has a small stomoch and to stop worrying but how can you....! its very difficult,i think its mainly girls with the eating thing.x
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