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colour blind???

hi ladies ,im gatecrashing but older children is very quiet so i hope no one minds me posting image

just wondering if anyone knows anything about colour blindness??? im suspecting my 3 year old ds is colour blind ...i have suspected this for a while because he really doesnt know the colour red and is tetchy with green sometimes he knows it sometimes he doesnt :roll: i dont want to jump the gun but he is 4 in june and im sure he should know the colour red ,he knows lots of other colours e.g grey,black,blue,orange,pink but he never ever says red if we ask him what colour it is and it is red then he says green ......

hope someone can shed some light ...thanksxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • It sounds like he could well be colour blind, red green colour blindness is the most common, especially in boys. You should be able to get it checked as the test for colour blindness is normally just spotting the numbers in patterns of dots. He might not know the numbers but at his age I would have thought he'd be able to tell you if he can see them won't he?
  • hmm not sure if he would bedhead ,maybe he would say he could see a number but it wont be the right one ....what im finding more annoying is i have thought this for a while but thought i was over reacting but now im 99% sure he is i wish id got it seen to earlier ..thanks for replying xxxxxxxx
  • Just had a quick google and there are versions of the test for young children as well that have simple picture instead of the numbers. Tbh I don't think it would have made any difference if you'd realised earlier as there isn't really anything they can do about it. Shouldn't cause him a problem in life though, my dad is colour blind, although he swears he isn't :lol:
  • is your dad colourblind? colourblindness is carried on the x chromosome, that's why it's far more common in males than females, as boys only have one x, so if that one carries the colourblindness gene the boy will be. whereas if a female carries it her other x will give her the colour vision, unless she's really unlucky and has 2 colourblind x's.

    so if your dad is colourblind you will be a carrier, and any sons you have have a 50:50 chance of being colourblind. if your dad is not you could have 'silently' carried the gene down the maternal side of your family, with all the women having a good gene to hide the colourblindness. any grandads colourblind?
  • well as far as i know my dad isnt colour blind ..not that he would tell me anyway :lol: thanks for replying going to google it now xxx
  • Hi my brother is red-green colourblind, but as far as I can remember it wasn't diagnosed till about 5yrs old. Also, I don't think anything was done about it either - except he was told he coudnt be an RAF pilot or something...(but I think they've changed that now).

    I would ring your hv or gp and speak to them about it.

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  • just found out my nephew is colour blind, apparently its only slight but he doesn't see as much of the red in colour so it comes out more green, so purple would look blue and red would look green. he's 10 and no one really noticed anything unusual until the school nurse did a standard test. then he went to local optician for an eye test, speak to your local optician they'll give you good advice.
  • My Dad is colour blind and i think's it's red/green type too as swinging traffic lights are his nemisis!!

    He swears the grass is pink but he is a bit of practical joker, so who knows what he actually sees!

    I'm not colourblind and neither is my OH and hoping our son doesn't inherit it, only 14mths so not too many indications yet!

    I have to add if he is colourblind, it's not the worst affliction in the world and will hardly prevent him from doing anything these days!
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