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Camping with a toddler

A group of us are thinking about going camping for 1/ 2 nights this summer. We are all thinking about taking our children ( will be mums and children) but there are 2 of us with 2 year olds. We are wondering if anyone else has been camping in a tent with a toddler and how you coped.

My main fear is that my son will open up the sleeping bit in the tent and get out. Is there anything i could do to prevent this or am i just over reacting?



  • Hi hon, we're thinking about going camping with 7yr, 4yr and 19mth old! I posted about this a while ago as I shared your exact fears!

    I will be putting 19 mth old in a travel cot (if it fits in the tent lol), but was generally concerned about my 4 yr old wandering off or someone coming into the tent!

    Advice I got was that most tents have 2 zips so you can zip it so the fastener is out of reach, or get a little suitcase lock to fasten zip (and make sure you don't lose the keys LOL!).

    Anyway, the consensus was that toddlers love camping, but make sure you take plenty of changes of clothes lol.

  • We are going august bank holiday so ask me after how it went lol!

    We'll be putting the zip up to the top out of his reach image

    Also, we've put the tent up and let him go in it, we are going to get his ready bed inflated soon so he gets used to it.. and we are packing lots of suncream!
  • Thanks for the replies. I did think about pushing the zip up high so he couldnt reach them but i never even thought about a travel cot.

    Thanks again.
  • hi hayley

    me and my family camped for a night in my dads big garden and just to say i was worried as 2 year old had only just started in big bed but he was fine they all enjoyed it so relax and have fun
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    Camping is a rather interesting and unusual type of vacation. As part of it, you and your family will go on a trip by car. Stay in the woods or a special place for camping. Set up camp and spend the night in tents. This is a good way to relax and teach your children independence. And so that the kids are not afraid and always in your sight, you can give them small personal flashlights. I recommend this good option I think this advice will be useful to you. Have you already taught your kids how to make a fire and build a tent?
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